Not better, not worse.

Today I had my follow up ultrasound from the previous one done during my emergency room visit. I was having some really high hopes because I only actively bled for a few hours. Still, a few hours too many. I figured, I’m super fit, I’m super healthy, I’m a lean, mean clotting machine.

My ultrasound tech was fantastic. She told me that, yes, my bleed was huge. She actually had to do a double take, and then pull it up on the monitor to see the photos. She said she’s not often impressed, but this one was impressive. She did, however, say she’s seen bigger.

So I’m only sort of awesome.

She immediately got baby on the screen and found the heartbeat at a solid 158. Baby looked pretty awesome. Heart beating, stomach filling, bladder emptying, two hemispheres on the brain. Baby also was growing right on target. One of the big fears with a SCH is that the hematoma will then cut off blood supply to baby causing a delay in growth.

Not this kid.

I did, however, learn something new.

See, apparently last time when I was looking at the bleed on the screen, I only noticed the GIANT BLACK BLOB on the screen below baby, that I didn’t even realize that baby was in fact, surrounded. On three of the four sides, with the fourth side being placenta.

So. Let’s get down to it.

Bad news: baby’s still surrounded by blood. Because of this, it makes less protection for the gestational sac and can therefore cause a premature rupture of membranes. Awesome.

Good news: the placenta is in no way, shape, or form affected by the bleed. The bleed stops at the placenta and it’s been noted twice now that the placenta is pretty strong and intact. So that gets a yay!

My OB called me very quickly to let me know that the bleed is thinning out. It’s no longer that giant black blob, rather a thin black string. Still there, still omnious, but not as bad. She reassured me that I’m doing OK and that her bets are still on baby.

I’m to continue with my modified rest regimen, and am still not allowed to have anything to do with exercise of any form. I was also told to not work at the hospital until my appointment next week. (That I hated to call off for. I really miss work in any form. I can’t get it at the gym, now I can’t get it at the hospital. What gives!) I should, however, be back on for the following week, so yay for that.

I just want to get back into a normal routine. I won’t have another follow up ultrasound until about 2 or 3 weeks from now. At that time we’ll be able to hopefully see it resolving more. My OB said that she’s seen these bleeds take up until week 20 to really go away.

So. For the next questionable amount of weeks, I’m still going to be nervous. I’m still going to occasionally cry. This still isn’t the ideal situation and I’d chalk it up to shitty. But it could have always been worse. And I’m damn fortunate that I’m still on the positive end of the spectrum.

Anything can happen between now and baby time. Anything. But I think that goes for any pregnancy, really. I just happen to know what my odds are as opposed to others. It is what it is. That’s all I can say. So for now I’ll continue what I’m doing, I’ll continue to occasionally freak out, and I’ll occasionally get excited. I’m fortunate enough to have been feeling the little baby moving for the past two weeks, and when you’re only at 13 1/2 weeks, that’s something.

Thank you for the continued support, kind words and prayers. Baby’s getting them all.

Katie Ett has dubbed baby: CBEW, and I pronounce that as C-Boo. (It stands for cutest baby in the entire world.) I just hope to God that I get to find out if that’s in fact true.


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  1. Hugs and prayers are with you, Cassie. And with CBEW. (Although I don’t see how he/she can possible be cuter than MAE!)

  2. Way to go baby! So glad to hear the heartbeat and placenta are strong. I know it’s easy to fixate on the negative, but I’m so glad to hear there are several positive things going on too. And if you’re amazing OB is still positive, then I think that’s a giant scoop of wonderful for CBEW. (Even though now I’ve got the Veggie Tales Cebu song stuck in my head).

  3. I was thinking of you today. You’re not one to stand still & be happy about it, so I know how mentally rough this is on you. You have the perfect excuse to be an emotional roller coaster, so have at it! Just be sure to keep your arms & legs inside the car at all times. 😉
    I’m here if you need to rant. Ranting & crying are good for the soul sometimes.

  4. Thanks for the update, I was thinking of you today. You surely do have the best approach, I think, and I am glad that there are several good news in between the scarier ones. Yay for feeling CBEW move!

  5. Boy, redpenmama and I are on the same page, huh? I need a Mae4Lyfe t-shirt.

    I like that you didn’t mention how I want to call the baby CB-ewwww. You’re too kind.

    I’m feeling even more positive about CBEW’s chances than ever! Do you want me to take over your classes at the gym until week 20, though?

  6. You and Thor are going to do great! Glad the little one is still progressing, even though the bleed is still there :/ I’m all for Team Baby!

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