Do you want the good news? Or the good news?

I’m not going to lie. I was very nervous this morning at the OB’s office. Aside from sitting half naked in a cold room with a ground level window, I knew that just a few days prior, I had started bleeding again.

Yes. Bleeding. Again.

But, this was good news bleeding. I knew this as soon as it started, when I noticed that it wasn’t fresh blood. As I told Katie Ett, the hematoma had one of two options. It would either reabsorb in the body or it’ll come out. Ett said, of course it chose the way that would scare me the most. At this point, nothing surprises me.

I was nervous none the less. I mean, when you’re pregnant, you don’t usually have to wear pads. You typically don’t think, gosh. I’d just love to bleed today. But when I saw the blood, I was both happy and sad.

At the OB, I sat there and waited. And waited. And waited. OK, it wasn’t that long, but it felt like a lifetime before she came in. When she did, she of course, asked me how I was doing. I smiled weakly and made a sound of sorts. She went about her business, checking my blood pressure, looking at my belly, and finding the heartbeat.

So yay for heartbeat!

Then she checked me. Without getting too TMI, everything checked out. Baby’s locked in there like Ft. Knox. Good.

Originally when we had talked two weeks ago, she said she’d have me do another ultrasound in 2 or 3 weeks after my next appointment. However, after hearing about the bleeding, checking me and feeling optimistic, she opted for me to have another ultrasound before my next week appointment with her. She has a feeling the bleed will be significantly reduced.

Then she gave me a big hug. Seriously. Best OB ever. (And we know how I feel about hugs. But hers was super welcomed.)

So. Until I see her again next week, I’m still not allowed to work at the hospital (which is my only bad news) but I should hopefully be able to return to work the following week. I never realized how much I miss being a nurse until this whole ordeal.

Best news? When this is completely resolved, I get to go back to exercising! Normal activity! Normal routines!

So. I just have to hang tight for probably another month or so, and then I’ll be back! Slowly. And acting like a pregnant person, but a normal pregnant person. And back.

This is probably the best possible news I could ever ask for and I’m over the moon!

Team baby!


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  1. See, I thought the most important part of our conversation yesterday was when you said, “You won’t chafe and have vaginal odors on your face.”

    But maybe I was wrong.

    Go, CBEW, go!

  2. This is amazing news! So so happy to see this. Your OB sounds wonderful. So so happy for you! Baby 4 is strong like you!

  3. I’m so happy things are getting better and better. This baby is a fighter! Glad you’re there to fight right alongside her/him.

  4. So I guess you CAN will a health problem away… Awesome!

  5. Yay! So happy to hear good news for you and the little one. You guys are both survivors. Go, you!

  6. What awesome news. I am very glad to hear that you and baby are good!

  7. If men got pregnant, we would insist on spending all nine months in an induced coma. That is fact. You women are amazing.

    Team baby!

  8. Just came back from a holiday and am so happy to find the good news and the good news! Yay! Team baby!

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