Screaming bloody murder at the doctors office

Today was Maelie’s 18 month well child checkup. Everything was going as planned. Claire and Luca were being very helpful, sitting in a shared chair against the wall, Mae sitting on the exam table. She was checked over and deemed to be growing right on target.

Maelie got one shot and did surprisingly well.

Then I asked if it would be OK if Claire and Luca got their flu shots. You know, to save me a trip.

Luca started out by whining, “But I don’t want a shot, mama. I don’t waaaaaant a shot!”

Then Claire chimed in, “Yah, mama. We don’t want shots!”

The nurse came in ready to give them their shots and Luca started crying. It took about a minute for me to calm him down enough for the nurse to stick him in the leg and then he was fine. In fact, after his shot he immediately said, “Oh! OK!”

Claire, on the other hand was bawling in her chair. She looks away when Mae gets her shot with a tear, so I knew this would be a challenge. But last year, she was super brave and got her shot in her arm and was super proud of herself.

This year? No. Not at all. It was awful.

I work with all these doctors at the hospital, since I take my kids to a family practice and not a pediatrician. (There’s really no difference between the two, in my opinion.) So I was embarrassed for that. Not to mention that we were in a room at the very back of the building and her screams were heard all the way to the waiting area. She disrupted exams that were taking place and boy did I get a lot of sympathetic looks when we emerged from the exam room. I can’t be angry with her, but she really tested me. And it ended up being ridiculously traumatic for her. I ended up having to hold her on my lap while using my legs to hold her legs still and held her arms to her chest while she drooled all over me from screaming. She was like a rabid beast.

And after she got her shot?

“Oh! OK!” with a smile.

Le sigh.

So lesson learned. Don’t take three kids to the doctors office, all needing to get shots without first taking Valium.

This is a really bad time to not be able to drink.

(This was taken while waiting for the nurse to bring the shots in. Mae’s saying, “Cheese.”)


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  1. Apparently your kids haven’t heard that if you don’t get a flu shot, an angel’s wings are torn off in a fiery chariot accident in heaven. Little known fact.

  2. Your wrestling hold on Claire while not feeling good, being pregnant and having two others screaming in your ears is beyond impressive. I think some form of this should be an Olympic event. Also, that photo of Maelie is the best.

  3. I just took a Valium having just read that. I kid, I kid. Last week I took the girls to get theirs. Mia got the mist one, in which she was super pumped about, but Evvy got the shot. Even though Evvy cried for a minute, you would have thought Mia was the one who got the shot…crying for her sister. Sigh. I think it should be a law that all parents, who are by themselves taking multiple kids to the Doctor for shots, should get a hit of laughing gas prior to the shot giving. 🙂

    P.S. Can you teach me that wrestling hold as I am sure I will need to know it in the near future. Please and thank you.

    • It’s quite ingenious really. You sit in a chair with your kid sitting on your lap like you are the chair. Hook your kids’ legs between you thighs thus causing a clamp/vice-like effect, then take their arms across their chest and hold tight. Just know the drooling is inevitable.

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  4. I know I wasn’t there and that it’s easy for me to say this, but I feel like that photo makes it worth it.

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