Cleaning out my closet

*Just a quick update from Friday’s ultrasound. The bleed is half the size it was before, but because it was just as big as the baby when it first happened, now it’s considered a “normal-large” SCH. So…I guess technically I’m at where most women start out at. Either way, it is what it is. I’m glad it’s getting smaller, but I kind of felt like a deflated balloon after. One day at a time.*

On Saturday, since I’m still supposed to be mostly sitting around, Matt and I decided to clean out Luca’s closet. We’re slowly getting the room ready to add a Mae to it for when the baby comes. We also realized that the closet had the most ridiculous things in it ever.

For example:


Yes. That’s a jacket from my high school cheerleading days. You know. Because I only graduated nearly 10 years ago. I should probably give that back.

We found a snuggie. So naturally, the kids decided they needed to be in it.

I found a bunch of old photos.

A photo of me when I was 2 days old.

A photo of myself and my three chins.

Photos of myself driving illegally and of course mowing the lawn. Gotta help out the grandparents.

And of course a photo of me wearing a veil, one thing I refused to have when I got married.

Then I found this gem.

That’s me. I’m 17, just graduated from basic training and sporting my amazingly awesome BCG’s. (BCG stands for birth control glasses.) I’m standing in front of the pit where we were drilled in every day, sometimes twice a day, and if we were really lucky at 2 am! I still have all my army clothes. Including this dress gear.

During all this, the kids basically self entertained.

(Mae chose to be shirtless. Enjoy it now, kid.)

Matt went through Luca’s clothes and sorted what still fit vs what don’t and I went through the random closet findings, along with 50 gift bags (seriously never have to buy them again. Yes, we’re those people who save them.) I found an old printer, drawing paper, clothes Maelie should have worn all summer that now are too small, four winter coats that never fit me, old frames with photos of my grandpa from being in the Navy, and not one ting that belongs in a closet of a 3 year old.

We ended up putting Luca’s dresser in there and now there’s a perfect space for Maelie’s new bed that we’ll get in the coming months. Darn. A trip to IKEA.

Closet cleaning is actually pretty fun sometimes.


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  1. I love cleaning and organizing things. But then I got pregnant and had a baby. Ha. So, now I guess I don’t really have to say that when I get the chance to clean and organize something I’m too exhausted and don’t feel like it but when all the stars align and I’ve gotten enough rest and my hands are free I really, really enjoy it!

  2. I don’t know which photo of you is better, the one with all the chins, or the one with the glasses. Glasses, definitely the glasses.

  3. “Normal-large” is the way I’d like people to describe me.

    These are my favourite kinds of posts! You know, because I didn’t know you at all back then and now talk to you EVERY SINGLE DAY. Except for the days when I’m forcing myself not to talk to you so I can get things done. I can’t believe you graduated from basic training at 17. And then got married the next day.

    How is Mae as tall as Claire?!

  4. I was sent here by a friend of yours who reads my blog. We’re in the same boat! I’m preg with #4 with a SCH (I’m at week 9, had another u/s yesterday. Still saw a heartbeat, SCH is smaller now. I don’t have to go back again for 2 weeks.) I had a large one like you described with my 2nd child and I think it took about 6-8 weeks for them to clear me, I hope you stay sane through your limited activity! It’s great to meet someone in the same boat as me!

    • Awe! Thank you. I’m glad to hear yours is getting smaller. They’re the worst. I was finally cleared to do more activity, but just not what I love to do read: spin, lift, run. BUT – walking is cool. I dig.

      Good luck to you, too!

  5. 1. Adorable pictures.
    2. Look how BIG mae is! What?
    3. Yay, baby!
    4. I am going to be sorting through and changing out the kids’ clothes on Saturday. I hate doing it, but it needs to be done. I hope I can get it done in 6 hours. I have plastic tubs of clothing from the last time! (I suck at going to the consignment store.)

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