She’s got a shower obsession

I know I’ve complained on here before about my pathetic master bathroom, but I’ve slowly learned to accept it. That, and I also try to avoid watching too much HGTV in which I get depressed over these people who get to soak in super large tubs with jets and all the fancy bells and whistles and real tile. (Read: I hate you Angela.)

But I digress.

I’ve tried to make it more functional. When you’re dealing with a 4×8 space, one must be very creative. And while I’m still out on the lookout for the perfect vanity to replace the cheap generic one we have, I did manage to make a shelf to make it more pleasing to the eye, that is, if you don’t mind seeing twenty different kinds of lotions and oils.

One thing I knew that had to change was how I cleaned the shower. I’d have to get a bucket out and literally pitch it at the sides to get the cleaner off. A simple answer to this would be to get a handheld shower head. But see, I’ve had one already. Been there, done that, and every morning in the shower I felt as if I was being stabbed in a small circle on my back. We had replaced it with a similar shower head that offered nothing too exciting, but the 10 dollar price tag.

I finally realized that in my day of 24 hours, I only get a few to myself and even less now that I can’t exercise like I used to.

So I cashed in my points and bought myself a new shower head. Was it expensive? Yes. Was it functional? Yes. Was it worth it? Hell yes.

In fact, it was so worth it that I got two. The kids needed a functional shower head, too, since any time they’d turn it on, it’d spew water everywhere. And since Claire doesn’t like to take baths anymore, she’d use my shower. I was tired of her using all my face wash for her feet. And I don’t even want to know what she used my face scrubber for.

It took all of 10 minutes to install both of them. I even impressed Matt and got pipe thread tape for the faucet connection. Boom Pow, y’all.

And when I finally got to try it out, I think Matt said I took a record 20 minute shower which involved me mainly standing there and actually feeling the water hit my entire back at once.

For the first time in years, I didn’t feel like I was being stabbed by water. My back doesn’t hurt as much. I felt relaxed.

And Matt? After his run, he said, “That’s a mighty impressive shower head.”

Who gets this excited over a new shower head?

Gosh I really need to get out.


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  1. No way, man! I think a shower head is way more important than anything else you might buy for your bathroom (possibly including soap). Water pressure and distribution affects my hair like nothing else, so your excitement is my excitement.

  2. That shower head looks a lot like our new one. Can’t say our new one fixed our trouble though. We have very low water pressure and the old one (which was pretty nice) started squealing which drove us all crazy. So hubby bought a new one when I told him I didn’t think it would fix the trouble, hmmm I was kind of right. Now it just squeal half the time lol. Glad to hear the family loves your new ones though 🙂 I laughed about the face scrubber, yea what kids do in the shower lol. I use to find holes in the bar of soap all the time problem with 3 of them though is no one ever wants to confess lol.

  3. Woo hoo! A well functioning shower head can make all the difference in the world.

    And face cleaner for her feet? Well at least they’ll be acne free I suppose.

  4. HAHA! Well, it really isn’t that great, soaking in that huge tub of ours sipping wine and listening to Harry Connick Jr. without little ones pulling on you. Terrible, actually. 😉
    Good for you for getting a bad ass shower head, you deserve it honey!
    p.s. Mae told me what she used the face scrubber for. Ya might wanna buy another one with your Amazon points…let’s just say…toilet scrubber. hehehe

  5. Suddenly very proud of the fact that I, too, own and have used pipe thread tape. Boom pow.

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