A lesson in going for the gusto

I’ve been feeling extremely lazy lately. Like, borderline – go out and buy a la-z-boy recliner because that’s all you do. Sit there, and recline.

The kids don’t care. They’re enjoying making a mess of the house. That is, until I yell at them to clean up. But they’ve been extremely helpful as well. I’ve been slowly getting myself back into the being normal game by doing my normal chores without taking twenty breaks and I basically stopped coddling myself. From everything I’ve read about the dreaded SCH is that there’s nothing you can do to stop it. I’ve taken my time, I’ve rested up, but now it’s been a month and I’m tired of that.

Of course I’m not going to go against my doctor’s orders and start spinning again, but I’m not living in constant fear any more.

Last week I started doing some of my lower half moves with my class and it only took one two minute track of calf raises that I realized how quickly I got out of shape. I’ve been doing my arm workouts at home and basically trying to keep it all together without over exerting myself.

I’m pregnant, not dying.

Today, however, I stopped dipping my toes into the water and just cannon-balled on in.

Typically on days like today when the sun is shining and I know Matt is going to be gone from 6 am to 10 pm, I need to think of things to do otherwise I may let the kids drive me crazy. So we started after breakfast by driving to Lowe’s and then to Target.

At Lowe’s I got a quart of paint, spackle, a new brush and a pipe for my bird feeder. (My grandpa built it and uses pipe threading as the base so that you can just stake a pipe and screw it on. Genius, I tell you. I, of course, got one that wouldn’t thread on, so I have to go back to Lowe’s to get one that will.)

At Target, I stuck to the list for once, and got a 42 pound box of kitty litter, a giant 50 gallon storage bin, three bar stools that were finally on clearance and honey elixir for Mae’s laryngitis.

When I got home, I promptly spackled the walls in the stair well from when I carried the loveseat up to my bedroom all by myself. That involved a lot of dragging, screaming, swearing and inevitably, holes being gouged into the walls. (Never fear, people, this was months ago.) While that dried, I took to assembling the bar stools that I got. For the record, I got them for 15 a piece and in chocolate brown. That took a lot of my patience, but the kids took the metal pieces that weren’t yet assembled and proceeded to beat the boxes until they were dead. So, they essentially worked out my frustrations for me.

Maelie only attempted to eat one screw in the process, too. So I say that’s a big win.

With the bar stools fully assembled, I lined them up at the bar in the living room/kitchen and the kids hopped on and started to color while I made lunch.

After lunch was done, I took the giant storage bin and cut a square hole in the middle of one side, about 3 inches from the bottom. Then I took it downstairs and proceeded to dump 42 pounds of kitty litter in it. Then I (YES I KNOW I SHOULDN’T BE TOUCHING CAT SHIT) with gloves on, took the old litter boxes and dumped them into garbage bags, shit and all, and dragged it to the curb minutes before the garbage man arrived.

I filled up the bird feeders and relocated one to the front of the house and took a deep breath.

Then I drank some water.

I put the kids to work lining up all the shoes in the basement and sweeping and your basic “pick that shit up, I’m tired of tripping over it” and then started to use the paint to touch up all the scuffs that the magic eraser won’t rid of any more in the hallways and stair well.

Mae then decided she was tired, so I put the kids to bed and I grabbed my giant water bottle and am now sitting for the first time since 8:30.

Best part? I’m not even very tired. And the walls look fantastic. AND the cats like their new litter box.

And I’m so glad to be sitting.


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  1. I bet the kids were like, “Oh crap, mom’s back on her game!” So glad you’re staying busy and happy.

  2. Whoo, that is one productive day! I’m glad that you are past the constant-fear-phase, it must feel liberating to do things without being afraid. Here’s to many more productive days that leave you feeling good!
    Team baby!

  3. WHOA. That’s all I got because my mouth is gaping open. You do know my next question is…when are you coming here to tackle my shit? And I don’t mean litter box cause we don’t have a cat. I have a list you can tackle..? In all seriousness, I am glad you are now able to do more because I know that was driving you crazy. TEAM BABY and TEAM HAPPY CASSIE! aka casandra conteee. 😉
    Sorry poor Mae has laryngitis! My girls seem to be getting sick too. BOO! …And my poor mom had smackeritis this past weekend. hehehe

  4. As a reader, I have to take a nap now.

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