Seasons of change

A few months ago, we got a new couch and bookshelf. And I gave a tour of my first floor.

The beauty of the couch, it really can’t go anywhere other than where it is. Which is fine with me. I love that couch. Even more than my compulsive ways of constantly needing to rearrange.

During the spring, we had bought this tropical plant, and I’ve somehow managed not to kill it yet. I know! I’m amazed, too. I’m great at keeping humans alive, but plants? Not so much.

But last night we had a frost warning, so I had to bring “Aladar” inside. (The kids named it.) But it didn’t fit. So I had to do some slight maneuvering. Nothing too exciting, but now it feels homey again once more.

For the first time in the six years we’ve lived in this house, the living room finally feels like home.

The fancy pillow and Power Puff Girls blanket in the bottom right corner is Sadie’s bed. She’s a fan of the cartoon.

The kids love the new stools I put together last week.

Friday I hung up my newest art piece, a Katie Ett Original.

That spot has been begging for something to go there. I LOVE my print. Like, I stare obsessively at it. I’m OK. I swear.

Luca insisted on having his photo taken next to the flowers I bought myself yesterday.

Three things to take note of in this photo:

The fantastic homemade bread. My house smells amazing.

The iLuv phone dock speaker set.

The pineapple.

I plan on eating the bread, while listening to Pandora really loud and clear (those speakers are the shit,) and bake the Strawberry Pineapple Crumble tonight.

Oh, and eat a ton of ice cream.

Also. Today I baked two different kinds of cookies for my RPM class tonight. This one. And also a buttermilk chocolate chocolate chip cookie, which the recipe will post tomorrow.

So go be an overachiever like me and bake those up. And eat bread. And listen to music. And enjoy a slightly organized homey home.

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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. What I’d give to be like you, Cass. Sigh. The overachiever part, making homemade bread part, loud music at home, (eh, my house is slightly organized) but mostly… home. I want to be home too with my baby- doing things like playing with him and baking and stuff. So jealous. One day I’ll get around to making bread though. I got the mixer for my birthday 6 months ago.. I’ve made cookies a couple times but the bread is what I want to make.

  2. Oh! And the awesome runner part too!!

  3. Yeah yeah, everything’s all nice and cute, but answer me this, please. Why do you have to plug in the green leafy picture beside the Ett Bomb? Does it spin around or something?

  4. High five on not killing the plant! You and I are in the same boat on that issue!

    And I have I told you I hate you and your gluten-filled products that tempt me so? I still haven’t made a gluten-free flour blend yet!!! No time and it’s friggin’ expensive! Gah!

    P.S. I really do love you 🙂

  5. Can you pleaaase send over some of your energy? I have troubles even getting out of the bed in the morning recently…
    The bread looks yum!

  6. My cat pees in planters and eats the leaves off of plants.

    Also, I am so amazed one of your three hasn’t attempted to scale those shelves yet.

    Good job! And eat a cookie for me.

  7. You had me at Strawberry Pineapple Crumble.

  8. Damn, that print looks fine. I hope Matt has made a little paper doll of himself and put it on top of his building.

    I feel like watching a bunch of HBO shows and deciding what to order for dinner is overachieving. I’m trying to think of anyone who’s more oppositely awesome than we are.

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