I’m having a… take two, or four.

Just over two years ago, I posted this.

Yes. I was having the Terminator. Turned out to be Mae, but honestly, she really is pretty bad ass.

Today was my big anatomy scan. After waiting for just shy of 2 hours for my appointment, because we all know that Magee Women’s Hospital is on the bus line and that can only mean one thing…EVERYONE GOES THERE. So of course, your appointment is at 1:50, and you do the right thing and get there 15 minutes early like they ask you to, and then you go back for your scan at 3:30. Because that’s how they roll.

Oh, and of course, I teach at the gym at 5. But no big deal. I love driving through Oakland traffic with only 20 minutes to get to Harmar.

But I digress.

Baby was perfect, healthy and apparently would pee every time the ultrasound tech tried to get a good look at the bladder. Take that, the man.

Baby measured right on target, 19 weeks and 1 day.

Baby cooperated for the most part, however did give the ultrasound tech a swift kick on the probe making it feel like I had an electric shock.

This worries me slightly, because this baby is already not putting up with much crap.

You think you can bloody up Baby’s home? Psh. Baby’ll kick that SCH right on out. You think a giant bleed will kick Baby out of its home? Think again.

Baby is kind of kick ass.

Today my SCH measured at 5 cm on only one side, so it’s considerably smaller, but still present, and that’s fine. It’ll go away one day or another. I’m just so thankful Baby is still Baby and that Baby is doing everything it should, SCH be damned.

Team Baby. Right here. Fist bump.

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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Go baby!
    Laynie was a tough little fetus as well. She didn’t tolerate anything, and I mean ANYTHING touching my stomach. Tough pregnancy, tough delivery and she’s still a tough kid, at almost 9. Ornery as all get-out, but that’s beside the point. 😉
    Happy ultrasound day!
    And I went to Magee for 1 appointment with Louie & actually asked them how they could make pregnant women sit & wait so long, especially when you need a full bladder. I didn’t get an answer.

    • That’s funny, because this one guy was taking the time to argue with the receptionist when the called for his wife to go back, thus making everyone else another 10 minutes behind. Le sigh.

  2. This makes me so happy! I can’t wait to meet kickass baby!

  3. It’s super fun when your husband is an NP who insists that he never run more than 15 minutes behind is in the waiting room too. OMG worse than an infant. These things take time, dear.

    Onto more important things, woo team baby! I am so glad to hear that he/she/Thor is doing well. And I still can’t get over the whole drinking urine thing. It’s weird. Keep doing what your doing mama, and grow baby grow!

  4. Yay! Glad that you only got good news! Team Baby!

  5. So happy to hear the great news and can’t wait for more updates as the ratios of parents to kids moves to 2:4!

  6. I see London, I see Paris… I see Cassie’s uterus! hee hee…

  7. Hilaaaaaaarious. Looks like CBEW has strong bones.

    Your TIB0 count looks a little high. Better have that checked out.

  8. First: Awesome! G, Baby!

    Second: If that baby is tougher and more of a kick-ass than Maelie, look out Mama, Mae, Papa — The World!

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