Room to change

When we first moved into our house, the walls were all painted a very hello yellow! They’ve gone through a few changes in color before I settled on a nice simple milk white. The second largest bedroom had previously been used as a room to a small boy. It was painted a pale yellow and had a bear border going through the middle of the room.

We never went into that room. It stored a bunch of random boxes and things that we didn’t feel like dealing with right away. For months, the room sat there, unoccupied and messy.

Then I couldn’t get pregnant right away. (I know, right?) Months later, I got frustrated and angry and ripped down the bear border and proceeded to paint the room a nice calm grey for future kids.

The next week I found out I was pregnant with Claire.

The room was used as a guest bedroom until I got pregnant with Mae and we decided to move Luca in there. The room was huge for such a little dude. But we filled it full of his things and paintings and it felt like home to him.

But in a four bedroom house with a fourth baby on the way, we had to figure out how to maneuver the kids around to make everyone fit.

And Mae was jumping out of her crib. We figured the time has come.

So last weekend we went to IKEA and got Mae her first big girl bed and moved her in with Luca.

The first thing people have asked me is, “Why did you move Mae in with Luca? Why not move Claire and Mae together?”

My answer is simple. A.) They’re too young to care about the differences between boys and girls, B.) If the baby is a boy, it’ll room with Luca, if the baby is a girl it’d room with Mae. Why would I move Claire for no good reason? and C.) What doesn’t kill Mae and Luca will make them stronger.

The first night was rough. Mae was up every half hour with random bursts of tears. That was to be expected. When Claire moved into her big bed, Matt and I had to take turns sitting in her room for upwards of an hour until she fell asleep, and that lasted months. That wasn’t fun. With Luca, we plunked him in his big bed, said goodnight, closed the door and then saw him sometime around 8 the next morning.

(Please baby, be a boy, or at least be as chill as Luca.)

Last night, Mae was up exactly once and put herself back to bed before Matt even got into her room.

And today? She even napped.

And Luca? He could care less. Already Mae and him are fighting less, and even today Luca invited Mae to play cars with him.

This is going to work.


New header compliments of !


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  1. I love it! I think Mae and Luca are going to be great roomies, and the gray is a nice neutral color for both kids.

    Love the header! Good job Lisa!

  2. In that next to last picture, Mae looks like just a tiny itty bitty baby in a huge bed, and it makes me really sad! Probably because it reminds me that soon my baby will be a big boy in a big bed. Do. Not. Want. Especially if it means having sleepless nights as he fights change as he surely will 😦

  3. I love little babies in big beds! I’ve always chosen just-right-sized beds for myself as an adult out of practicality, but now I want some California king with 18 pillows and 14 quilts. Now I’m thinking about Claire being a teenager and having her own room, and it’s soooo weird.

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