Today was Claire’s birthday party. Just another day where my house is filled with people whom I love very much and have very little time to talk to them all.

As I was standing in the kitchen eating my piece of birthday cheesecake (which, for the record was stated to be ‘restaurant quality,’) Matt came rushing past with Mae who was shrieking. When he went past, he said lowly, “She spilled hot coffee on herself.”

I’m sure every parent has been here in one way or another. An accident. Something unforeseen. Something that you’d never expect to happen to your kid, but judge when it happens to another.

Well, for the record, I’ll never judge another parent again ever, whose kid gets burned. Accidents happen, and it happened to us today. No one was at fault. Mae just had quick hands and even quicker legs to hoist herself half way across the table to where the coffee sat. Matt saw it happen in slow motion, and was not quick enough to react.

We got her upstairs, took off her shirt and saw she had already started to blister and peel. After getting a crappy response from the on call doctor who I’m not very fond of, I instead texted a dear friend of mine, a nurse practitioner, for advice. She responded quickly, told me what to do, and that she loves me and hopes Mae is well.

That, my friends, is how you handle a traumatized mother.

I did as I was told, and spent the remainder of the party sitting on the couch with Mae on my lap and letting her just be. She was good, hardly showing that she was in pain and a real trooper.

Claire still had a fantastic party and Mae wouldn’t let some stinking burn hold her down.

Still. I’d much rather have had our day not include Mae in pain.


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  1. Oh Cassie, how awful for all of you – and poor porr Mae! I hope she is as well as one can be after such a burn! Good on you and Matt for not beating yourself up because as you said, children can be too quick sometimes for adults to react, which is kind of amazing, considering how small they are. I witnessed it once with my younger brother – heading towards a small slope on his tricycle. He still has a small scar on his chin, but he doesn’t remember the event itself and wanted to get back on the tricycle the same afternoon…

    • Your brother sounds just like Luca. They don’t let an injury hold them back.

      I can’t help what happened, I’m simply grateful that it was only a minor second degree burn. It could always be so worse, so thank the good lord it’s not!

      • Well, now he’s 25 and has gained a little more cautiousness, but still struggles when he has to stop exercising because of injuries – but don’t we all…
        I just googled second degree burns and now I feel even more for Mae and you and Matt – those blisters look horrible!
        (Oh, and meant poor instead of “porr”, of course…)

  2. How horrible! I feel so bad for the three of you. I’m glad she’s ok. Burns are so mean. Hopefully her little body will heal up quickly.

  3. Little kids are like ninjas when it comes to getting at dangerous items. Glad she’s OK.

  4. Poor baby. I’ve got a couple kamikaze kids of my own & boy do they bring the gray hair. Hope shes not in too much pain.

    And nice perk to being in the medical field. I bet I know which awesome NP it was.

  5. Children can be so incredibly resilient! I hope your burns heal up quickly and she is feeling much better soon. Good luck to you all.

  6. Ugh, what a nightmare. Silas has recently learned that the stove is hot, so he will, in all his 18-month brilliance, put his hand up to it and say, “Hot.” It’s a disaster waiting to happen, really. He also loves to grab for hot coffee. Glad to hear that Mae is ok – she’s a tough girl with a tough mom!

    • Yes, be careful. The best advice I was given when Claire was a baby was to always leave the handle of the pots and pans inward, so they can’t grab at it. And I used to be the worst offender, by keeping the handle outward. But I stopped as soon as Claire was tall enough to reach.

      I pray this never happens to you.

  7. Man, that sucks. Burns are the worst. Sounds like she’s through the worst part. Of course, it’s always the mom who goes through the most trauma.

  8. My baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaby! Please put her in a pen until she’s 18. Decorate it real nice for her senior prom. Thanks.

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