The aftermath.

There’s a perk to working at a community hospital. There’s an even bigger perk with working with your doctor. Better yet, when your doctor is also your kid’s doctor.

Today, on our way to Trader Joe’s, I stopped at the hospital to get Mae some Vaseline gauze for her burns. They looked worse today than yesterday, but that was because the one blister opened up. Standing at the nurses station, one of the doctors looked over and said, “You should bring her to her doctor. With it being that big and her being that little, it’s just best to be safe.”

I then mentioned who her doctor is and the charge nurse said, “She just left the floor. Check over on 5A.”

And there she was.

She took a look, gave me the same advice that my favorite nurse practitioner gave and said to keep an eye out for infection. She wished Mae well and ensured me that I was on the right path and that she’s glad I didn’t overly freak out over it. Accidents happen.

Maelie hasn’t complained of pain since last night. She let me wash it and put on the bacitracin cream on it and apply the Vaseline gauze. Seriously a trooper.

But looking at that awful little belly just made my heart ache.

And while I usually don’t share photos of my kids’ injuries, I’m hoping this may help someone else whose kid is going through the same thing.

It’ll heal in a few weeks and I won’t know for the next year if it’ll scar or not. This is just such an awful memory and I’m praying she manages to avoid infection.

So please, any thoughts or prayers would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Prayers coming your way. What a trooper Mae is and you are.

  2. This make my heart sink and ache for her. Having my own child and imagining how bad it must have hurt and just be sore – hurts. I’m so sorry this accident had to happen to Mae. I’m so glad she’s such a trooper, she gets it from her momma. Glad you guys were so calm and could do as much for her as you could. My mom is a Nurse Practitioner and since having Grayson she’s been priceless. I don’t know what I’d do without her on speed dial/text. I’ll pray that it heals quickly and that it says pain free for her, right now.

    • I know, right? Like, it’s totally my kid and my heart just sinks to my knees when I see the photo. I try to keep it covered so I don’t make it infected, but mostly so that I don’t look at it.

      I’ve surprisingly haven’t cried yet. Though, it may hit me later on.

  3. Oh, my, sweetie! prayer to your littlest trooper (for now) that she feel better and heal quickly. Kids are too quick for their own good some days, aren’t they? **hugs** to you and gentle brow kisses to Miss Mae.

  4. Prayers and happy healing thoughts coming your way.

  5. I said a little prayer for Mae last night. If it’s any comfort, when I showed Dr. Susan she felt bad for Mae Mae but wasn’t too worried about her. I burned the heck out of my arm about a month ago and there is a little scar, but as with most burns, they usually look a lot worse in the few months following and end up healing just fine. Poor baby!

  6. My dear Cassie, I am so sorry about Maelie, I know accidents happen, that doesn’t make it an less painful for you and especially that sweet baby. They are so quick and we can’t be watching 24/7. You are a great Mama and she will heal…Love you much, Grandma

  7. Oh, my stomach ties in knots looking at that picture, I can’t even imagine how you feel. But I am so glad that she is such a trooper and doesn’t seem to be in too much pain.
    Here’s hoping all nasty infections stay away and Mae heals quickly without any scars left. You sure are doing everything you can!

  8. Mae obviously inherited her bad-assedness from her Mommy. Hope she gets better soon.

  9. Dear sweet Cassie,
    One fall from the cart at Target (head first) a near drowning in the neighborhood pond, a bike accident that ended up in the ER ……it’s all a part of being a mom to wonderful little people. Momma ‘s love heals so many wounds! Thinking of you,

  10. She’s a daredevil like her wonderful mommy! She can’t help being bad-ass. Like the six pack abs that your womb-mate will probably be born with, Maelie has her mommy’s courage and spunk. Accidents inevitably ensue. She’s going to learn the hard way, since that seems to be Mae’s way.

  11. My thoughts and prayers are with you. My husband was burned in the same way when he was 2, only it was much worse and his parents didn’t take his shirt off, so he continued to burn. He ended up in the hospital for a month with severe burns. His mom was standing right next to him when he grabbed her hot coffee, thinking it was his hot chocolate, and dumped it all over himself. She said it happened so fast that she barely knew what had happened. I always knew accidents could happen in the blink of an eye and then when our son was 2, he grabbed a wine glass off the counter, reaching for his sippy cup, and as it bumped the counter, it shattered and he drove a jagged edge into his cheek. While I was standing right next to him. It was devastating and I got him to the hospital where he got his stitches and was fine. It was only then that I really appreciated what my mother in law must have gone through. I felt guilty about what had happened but I took my son home from the hospital that day and he was happy as could be, but she had to leave her baby in the hospital for a month and deal with the scars for the rest of her life. Anyway, I am glad Mae is ok! Just wanted you to know you aren’t alone. 🙂

  12. She IS looking pretty bad ass there. She’s all “What, this? ‘Taint nuthin'”

    Hope she keeps healing.

  13. Oh, my. So sorry. Hope you are all hanging in there and she heals quickly.

  14. I still have no idea what happened to this kid! I was 7 blog posts behind on you between Ohio and Pittsburgh trips. And to think I didn’t try to pick her up once while I was sleeping in a hotel room across from her mama.

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