Four photos

While sitting on my couch this morning I smelled sour milk. And this wasn’t just pregnancy nose talking. Somewhere there was sour milk. Somewhere.

So I sent the kids on a sippy cup hunt. Nine times out of ten when I smell something putrid, it’s a sippy cup that had been neglected and left to rot. They looked under the couches, in the toy boxes and in the car. (Yes, I know I can’t smell the car from here, but go big or go home, people.)

They found 4. Two of which had milk in them at one point. Though, Claire called it cottage cheese and now I can’t eat it for the remainder of the pregnancy.

I noticed that some of the milk from the one sippy found under the couch had some on the outside, meaning, it leaked. Aha! My sour milk hunt had some to an end. I pulled part of the couch away from where it sat, and there it was, milk all dried up on my beautiful wood floors.

What else was there, you ask? Everything. Toys, dust bunnies the size of Cadillacs, stickers, old wrappers…

So what did this turn into?

Yup. I overreacted and cleaned every corner of my first floor. I did, however, find a lot of things that the kids have been looking for in the process. They also got the fun experience of cleaning. Because what kid doesn’t love cleaning?

Well, aside from Claire who legitimately loves to clean. She scrubbed the floor by hand and earned two coins.

Cheap child labor, right here.

(Don’t worry, she chose the quarters.)

When we were all done, Luca asked if we could sit on the floor and look at how clean it was. I had to agree, it was super clean. So I got four photos.

Four photos of how proud Claire and Luca were of 2 hours of nonstop cleaning.

And Mae being Mae.

And Sadie-Dog so thankful that we were done using the vacuum.

I’ve been really hard trying to live in the moment. To enjoy the moments as they come and pass.

And today I did exactly that.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Whew! So glad it wasn’t rotting for a week chicken breast that you found 😉

  2. This, I think, is your best-written post ever. I don’t know why it struck me. Has to have something to do with those dust bunnies. And maybe the way it reminds me of mice dying behind the walls of our farmhouse growing up and us having to put up with the smell for a couple of days before they rotted enough to stop stinking. That’s appetizing, right? I also looooooove that picture of Mae.

  3. We had something similar happen in my car… and in my fridge. I want to jump through the screen and hug that Claire!

  4. We had an old fast-food container of milk explode from Texas heat in our car once. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. We call the monstrous dustbunnies we find “Abbies” (Abby is our dog) because most of it is her fur. LOVE the pics. Hang in there, pregger lady. 🙂

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