Day 8

Yesterday I saw my OB for my regular appointment. The news she gave me was awesome. I’m lifted of all restrictions barring any super heavy lifting (read: 300 pound patients) and I am free to be me.

Today. I am thankful for my OB.

Dr. Olson has done more for me than any other doctor I’ve ever had. When I came to her this pregnancy and was very honest with her, she said, “We’ll get through this, together.”

And when I had the complications, she called within five minutes. Every time. She was there for all my questions and she was patient and kind.

Sure, a doctor is supposed to answer questions, but it’s how she answers them. She is honest, understanding and patient. She knows when I need a hug and when to just listen. She knows me, my likes, dislikes and my kids. She remembers every delivery.

When I was in labor with Claire, and things started to go badly, she was there in a flash, doing everything in her power to keep Claire safe, and also keep Matt and myself calm. She spoke directly, but had calm to her voice. It was professional and also understanding.

With Luca, she sat and watched some hockey with us. She joked with the nurses that I wasn’t allowed to sneeze before she got dressed to deliver him because I am very fast at delivering babies.

When Mae was born, and I was sure that would be my last baby, she handed her to me right away and told the nurses to give me a few minutes to savor that first moment before taking her away to clean her and measure her. Goo and all.

That’s a doctor.

Now of course, we know Maelie isn’t my last baby, but still. She’s thoughtful and realistic.

She will be there when this baby is born, that she’s promised. She will do everything to keep this baby safe. I trust her completely.

And I’m so very thankful that she’s my doctor.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. She sounds amazing. What a great woman. I loved my OB too. I’m thankful for her as well. I trusted her and she reminds me a lot of how you described your OB. She even delivered me on her day off because she knew how scared I was and told me she would be the one delivering me. Those are the best kinds of people to be in the medical field. I’m so glad they chose what they did.

    Congrats on the restrictions lift!

  2. I think Mae-goo might be too much for even me.

    However, Megu is a very fine Japanese restaurant here.

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