defined by a title?

An observation: the presidential election to some was more than just voting for the president. It was taken to a completely different level, and in all honesty, it got really bitter and brutal.

Yesterday a friend posted this as a status (paraphrased):

“So much anger on the interwebs this morning. Let’s keep it all in perspective people – heat of the moment discussions and angry comments are happening today – and between friends. In twenty years, this will all be history. Your friends and loved ones won’t be, or shouldn’t be, over online debating of politics. Are you going to call Obama to help you move for the third time in ten years? Call Romney to vent about your inlaws? Meet either one of them for dinner and a movie? No. Don’t sacrifice your friends over politics. If you’ve unfriended, or been unfriended, make the step, mend the bridge. We are all Americans. I still love my friends of the other party, and still would regardless of how things panned out last night. Live your life, love your people. Breathe.”

A light bulb went off. Do we truly identify ourselves as either Democrat or Republican only? Aren’t we so much more than a title? Or is that just once every few years?

I for one don’t think, “Well, I’m a mother, so that’s my title and who I am.” Hell no. I’m a lot more than that.

This particular election season was pretty brutal. I don’t know how many times I read, “You libs…” or “You conservatives…” and then something hateful would follow. Is that all we are?

As I’ve said before in posts, social media has made it so much easier to be cruel and unkind. I try very hard to keep my perspective to, would I say that to someone’s face? If so, OK, then. If not, keep it to yourself. I find that most of us are most confrontational when it’s involving both a stranger and a hot topic.

But to those who have gotten into heated debates with family and friends over the election, remember this: The first rule of friendship is YOU DON’T TALK ABOUT POLITICS. Unless you’re prepared for the backlash or you can keep it civil, is it really worth losing people over?

I’ve lived through five presidents. All different in styles of leadership. I survived.

I have many friends on either side of the political spectrum. I don’t lose respect for them simply because someone is pro life where I’m pro choice. I could care less what religion you are (given you don’t pray at Westboro Baptist.) I don’t care if you are for the death penalty and I’m not. You thought the bailout was a bad move? Cool. I hear you. You’re over unions? They are pretty archaic. You thought marijuana should stay illegal? I can see your side. Marriage equality? Well, let’s not go there. Truth is, I’ll be a little sad if you’re against gays but that’s not just a political stance, that, to me, can also be strung from some hatefulness. As can comments about  ‘legitimate’ rape.

But then again, I have ways of shutting it down. (Sorry, I had to go there. Just once.)

If you’re a kind person who just tries to get through each day unscathed, we’ll be cool. If you’re open to discussion and are rational, I’m down. I respect opinions and I’d hope that others are, too. We are all entitled to them, just be sure to check the hatefulness at the door.




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  1. I agree. I really got beaten down by all the hateful things that were said during the election and immediately after it. I did unfriend a few people over it, and I don’t remove people from my rather small facebook feed lightly. But these particular friends couldn’t keep their opinions to themselves, and purposely alienated the entire other side of the political spectrum with falsities and half-truths, and aggressively defensive posts and comments.

    The really sad news today is that we are truly a nation divided. I may not agree with one side or the other, but being defined as left/right wing nutjob is not appreciated, no matter who it comes from. The truth is, there are things I agree with on both sides, and neither republican or democrat fits me like a mold. But when people begin attacking one another over which way they vote? It’s gone too far.

    • Agreed. That’s when it’s gone too far. And instead of complaining, perhaps people should be more proactive. (And by that, I don’t mean to assassinate the president, of course.) You know, volunteer, try to change the things you don’t like about your community, be proactive?

  2. All I have to say about this post is: “AMEN.” So many people are making their political views a “make it or break it” on their friendships. It’s pretty ridiculous, and sad. Everyone is different and that’s what makes this world an interesting place. I haven’t stated anything political on my wall, not because of embarrassment or lack of pride, but because I think it’s just plain rude to argue over politics. Sharing the beauty of life and being thankful to live in a country where we can do what we did on Tuesday, that’s what needs to be on Facebook. Thanks for this post Cassie. You made me smile.

  3. Pretty sure those are all the topics we covered on the way to the airport! Glad to know that I can talk rationally and civilly with you on politics, even though we don’t always agree down the line. It’s not worth losing friends and family over, that’s for sure!

  4. I’m definitely defined by a title: “Crank.” ;o)

  5. Nothing is archaic about workers’ rights. In fact, I’d say that with the way corporations are even more powerful today and the people at the top are making even more than the people at the bottom than ever before, unions are needed now more than ever. Saying you don’t like unions is like saying you don’t like welfare: they both have problems, but they’re both much-needed safety nets.

    I agree with what this person said so much, but it’s also so hard to separate your friends from their beliefs, right? And some beliefs are so much more powerful than others. If you’re fiscally conservative, I get you. If you’re homophobic, I just don’t.

    • Um, I mean, not to start a fight on a post about not starting fights.

      • No way man. I see what you’re saying. I really have no stance on unions, except for the fact that a local hospital here is union and when the nurses go on strike the only person who suffers are the patients. Also, our bus drivers are a union and it’s a sinking ship. The drivers make upwards of 100k and still complain.

        But otherwise, I see their purpose. There just needs to be a more universal appreciation for workers broad spectrum, more than union or not. Worker’s rights, yes. I agree with that.

      • Basically, nothing’s perfect and all things regarding work and income need a major face lift.

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