Day 10 and 11

Yesterday after a very hectic day at work and a rather painful flu shot, I was ready to keel over and go to sleep. But it was sunny and unseasonably warm and the kids were out in the leaves (Matt included) having the time of their lives. So I stayed outside and played a little bit before I had to run to Target for cat food and cheese.

Such a random combination.

After leaving my phone at home all day, I finally took a peek at it, kind of afraid of how behind in the social world I had become. (And WHAT is up with that? It was so very freeing leaving the phone at home. I’m going to start doing that more, for sure.) After sifting through 10 text messages and 22 Facebook alerts, I came across a photo Jessica had posted of me with the caption: One of my favorite photos of a girl who doesn’t like to hug. 😉

I commented back saying: “I’m pretty sure this photo will go down in history as: ‘Never let something so trivial get in the way of living life.’ So glad to have him back in my life sometimes it’s overwhelming.”

And I’m thankful for that. For learning forgiveness regardless of how many (TEN! TEN YEARS!) years it may take. It’s moments like these that I realize life’s too short to be angry over something that happened so long ago. People change, we make mistakes, we aren’t perfect. The difference is, do we grow from that?

I chose to grow up.

And this photo means the world to me.


Today I’m thankful I had the short, but awesome, opportunity to become a part of an Army of One. (At least that was their motto when I was in it.) I’m so proud of myself for even having the forethought of defending my country and even though it didn’t work out due to a broken hip, I still got to train with some of the country’s finest. Regardless if you’re for war or against war, the ways that these people sacrifice their lives to make sure we’re as safe as we can be is amazing.

So today, on Veteran’s Day, hug a veteran. And be so very happy that we live in the land of the free, home of the brave.


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  1. Jessica sure was Johnny-on-the-Spot with the camera there, and shot a perfect picture. And obviously it helps to have stellar source material.

    Happy Veteran’s Day, dear. You can defend my freedom any time.

  2. I know the cheese is for Mae. I can only hope the cat food isn’t.

    Love that picture!

  3. So glad you love the photo. You never realized I was taking the picture, so it oozes genuine affection. Happy belated Veterans Day to you.

  4. Happy belated Veterans Day. Thank you for your service. I said that to my hubby (Marines – Oo-rah), and he said he didn’t do anything, and I said that just the fact that people like him (& you) have the guts to get in that line JUST IN CASE awes me.

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