Day 12 and 13

Yesterday was Monday Night Football, and it was Pittsburgh at home. I had a very strong feeling that my classes would be pretty empty. And they were for the most part, but by golly some of my die hard regulars were there, football game be damned.

I’m thankful for that. For those people who have taken getting fit more than just sweating and getting a good workout in, but those who come week in and week out because they are faithful. To me, perhaps, but mostly to themselves. Because they realize that no one’s going to get them thin and healthy but themselves.

And it’s like a little family. On Tuesday I know Sharon will be on this bike, Sarah on that, Kevin there, Mike there and Ron there. I just know. Same with Thursday and Monday. I know on Monday Stefanie will be on the bike in front of me and Lexie will be on whatever bike works. And I love every second of it. I love my little gym family.

It’s also a huge motivator to continue on.

Yesterday I was tired and really not in the mood to work out, but I got on the bike and I did my thing and by track 3 I was feeling like my normal self. I know that as I get more and more pregnant I’m going to be all, “Eff this stuff,” but for now, it feels good. And once I get going I feel great. AND, I have to remind myself that I’m keeping myself in the best shape possible for post baby.

Because for anyone who has ever had to lose post baby weight can tell you, it ain’t easy.

Today that’s what I’m thankful for.

For having a sound foundation of fitness under me to make my postpartum weight loss a lot easier. According to my scale today I’ve gained 14 pounds. I’m cool with that. 24 weeks and 14 pounds should put me at a total of 28 pounds by the end, and my goal was under 30. I do my best to keep my eating in check and all that, but my fault is that I rely far too much on the gym and less on eating healthy.

That said, I don’t sit here all day and eat junk food, in fact, I refuse to buy chips the majority of the time and junk in general because I’ll eat it all. Not that I don’t have self control, but it’s super convenient, and when I’ve had it up to here with the kids and all I want to do is crash on the couch during nap time, I’m going to do what’s fastest. With no junk in the house, it’s an apple. But sometimes…well,  Mostly, it’s my baking. I’m not ashamed. So I eat a few cookies. Some sweet, delicious cookies and then I go to the gym. Or I go to the gym and then I eat cookies. Either way, it’s still probably not for the best, but it is what it is.

I’m thankful that I have found what I love about fitness and I’ve let it become a part of my life.

There are so many times people will say to me, I hate the gym! It’s so boring! I hate this, or I hate that. How do you make yourself go all the time?

Truth is, I don’t make myself. I love it. It took me a long time of trying things out before I really found what I love. For me, it’s group fitness. I love Body Pump, I love yoga, I love RPM. I love knowing that people are watching and judging and I can’t leave early because if I do, they’ll remember. I love that push.

But I also do love some solitary workouts, too, such as running.

So when people ask me, what should I do for fitness? I tell them to try everything. Just once. Try this class, try that. You may hate it. But, mostly, you may love it. And that’s the thing – I think most are afraid of loving it, and then feeling the need to have to add it into their every day. Just another thing to keep them from relaxing on the couch.

But seriously. Seriously! There’s nothing more awesome than sticking to it, then looking in the mirror and saying out loud, “Damn. I look good naked.”

Don’t act like you’ve never said that. (Or at least wanted to.)

So I’m also thankful for that.


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  1. I woke up yesterday, the morning after the Mangler, feeling pretty beat up. But I took a shower and got ready for work. I specifically remember looking in the mirror and saying, “Damn I look good naked today!” I think I even danced to Justin Bieber for a bit.

    You put in the work. You see the results. The harder you work, the more satisfied you feel. Great post, Cassie!

    • You probably DID look hot naked! Putting in the work makes ones brain do crazy things, and see the truth! Sure some of us have stretch marks and perhaps not a supermodel body, but positive outlook makes you look so much hotter.

  2. Our RPM class everyone has their set bike too. And when someone new comes in and upsets the seats it’s very confusing for a few minutes.

    And you’re right, group fitness keeps me going longer and harder than I ever would on my own, and it flies by! Thank you for introducing me to it.

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