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Completely unrelated to below, I burned a cut on my finger the other day. I highly recommend that people avoid doing that.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a tree hugger. I try to avoid chemicals in my food, my personal products and my household cleaners. I posted a while ago about how I stopped washing my hair with shampoo. Because of the amount of sweating I do, and the subsequent dandruff that followed, once every 3 or 4 months I’ll use some olive oil on my scalp overnight and the only way to remove it all is to use a natural shampoo (free of all the crappy stuff.) Otherwise, I still just keep it real.

I have the worst facial skin when I’m pregnant. OK, maybe not the worst, but I really don’t think that at the age of 27 I should have any zits. I’ve tried everything. Everything. I had no idea what I could possibly use that wouldn’t over dry my skin like salicylic acid does.

I finally asked the Google gods to answer for me: Calamine lotion.

Seriously. You know, that pink stuff you put on poison ivy rashes? Well, there’s a clear kind and I’ve been using it twice a day and oh my god this is amazing.

I use my Cetaphyl cleanser and calamine lotion. Works wonders and my skin is still incredibly soft. It’s been about two weeks since I’ve started this regimen and it’s been preventing and treating. So I’m sold. And it’s cheap. Like, 4 dollars for a bottle, cheap.

What else works, you ask? I finally found a diaper cream for Mae that doesn’t involve chemicals. I’ve been making my own baby wipes for a while now (and if you want the recipe, just ask) and then I realized that by using the diaper rash cream I had been using wasn’t really helping the situation. So I found a simple answer – coconut oil.

AT Trader Joe’s, it comes in jar and is in solid form. The way to use it as a diaper cream is to simply use a hand mixer to whip it up and store it in a jar. That’s it. I mixed in a few drops of tea tree oil to give it some antifungal and antibacterial properties – just enough to work, not too much to hurt or sting her bum – and it’s been fantastic. Not a single rash, and it’s safe for cloth diapers. You have to keep it in temperatures lower than 75 degrees, otherwise it’ll melt, but it still works either way.

What else? Jet Dry. You know that expensive little bottle you buy from the grocery store that’s supposed to keep your dishes spot free? Well it’s an expensive waste. What’s the answer? White vinegar. I pour white vinegar into the Jet Dry valve and done. That’s it.

Want to ditch chemical sprays for disinfecting? I buy white vinegar in gallon jugs from Sam’s Club for 4 bucks. I use the vinegar, mixed with some peppermint oil to clean the surfaces in my house, as well. The peppermint oil keeps it from smelling horrid and the vinegar kills the gross germs.

So there you go. Save your self some money, save the environment a little bit and save your sanity.


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  1. Gee, last post you go on about how you like how you look naked, now you’re talking about how soft your skin is… Are you TRYING to attract stalkers?

    K, srsly… Pinky does some of the stuff you’re talking about, as far as using chemical free cleaning solutions. I just have to get her to use the peppermint oil in the vinegar, so I don’t smell like salad when I come out of the shower.

  2. Everyone who uses coconut oil from TJs has said is the miracle item that everyone must have. From hair to skin, it seems like it works for everything.

    Oh, and zits at 27? Ya, you best get used to them. They’ll keep haunting you well into middle age. Wrinkles and blemishes at the same time – so fun!

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