Day 15, 16, 17 and 18: AKA Claire, Luca, Mae and Baby

It’s funny, really. When Matt and I first started talking about having kids, we said, “Let’s start with one and go from there.” Our end goal was 4 for him, 3 for me.

Looks like Matt wins.

When Claire was just 11 months old, I was pregnant with Luca. When Luca was 10 months old, I was pregnant with Mae. When Mae was 15 months, I was pregnant with baby.

That’s a lot of pregnant.

Was it hard being pregnant like that all the time? Yes. It took a huge toll on my brain and body. I can’t even imagine how some women are pregnant just 3 months after giving birth. It’s simply amazing, the human body. And how we don’t just sleep for a year.

What’s even funnier is that I will have had a baby every two years since I was 22. In a few weeks I’ll turn 28, so that means six years of babies.

Six years!

2007, 2009, 2011 and now 2013.

I sometimes try to wrap my brain around it and then I just laugh and think about how I could have waited, but then I wouldn’t have Claire. And if I didn’t have Claire then I wouldn’t have the other 2.6 kids.

Claire. I can sit here and say how beautiful she is, but that’s a given. She’s got the eyes of her mother, nose of her father, personality of Claire. She’s one of my favorite things about life. Her imagination is as big as the world and I often wonder where it’s going to take her. Some days she’s a superhero, some days she’s a ninja, some days she’s just Claire bee-bopping around the house to the beat of her own drum. She makes her own way, asks for help along the way, but mostly, she just does what feels right, and what’s right to her is in fact good. She’s just such a good kid.

I often worry that people fail to get to know the real Luca because they can’t see past his beautiful blue eyes. I look at blue eyes as both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because they’re just so amazing, you can see forever in them. A curse, because sometimes that’s as far as anyone is willing to go. Luca is so smart. He has insight like his sister, Claire, but he sits and thinks about most things deeper than any kid – heck adult – I know. He’ll sit for hours and play with his Legos. He’ll sit in a quiet corner of the house and look at his magazines. He’s my most quiet kid, until you get him going. Then as he gets more and more excited, he gets louder and louder. He’s caring, kind and just a sweet boy, who happens to have amazing blue eyes.

Maelie started as my most chill baby, but when she started getting angry easily and her stubbornness wouldn’t yield, I dubbed Luca the most chill baby. Maelie is the kind of kid that if you tell her the sky is blue, she’ll argue that it’s more of a light blue in the day and a purple blue in the evening, given she could talk past saying simple sentences.  She’s a tough girl. She hates being left behind, but she’s also a leader in the making. She finds something she wants to do, and she does it. Sometimes it’s sitting in the sink in the bathroom using three toothbrushes to get her mouth clean, sometimes it’s going downstairs and putting on two different kinds of shoes and dancing in the kitchen. Sometimes it’s ripping off all her clothes, throwing her hands in the air and screaming, “NAKEE!” She’s her mother’s daughter, minus the screaming NAKEE thing. I try to keep it modest.

Since the beginning, baby has been doing it’s damnedest to make me love it. When I found out about baby I was understandably upset, but over time, I realized this baby would be the perfect way to cap off our family. Mae, after all doesn’t act like the youngest, any how. And then baby had to go and scare me. No one expects to bleed during pregnancy, especially as much as I did, but sweet little baby was just fine in there. And in that exact moment as I was driving myself to the hospital, scared and unsure, I talked to baby for the first time. I told baby that I love it very much and that if s/he could just hold on a little longer, I’ll show baby how much I do in fact love it.

Baby is strong and is proving to be even more stubborn than Mae, help us all. Most of all, once I started believing that baby was going to be OK, I started to really enjoy this pregnancy. Way more than the others. Sure, I was nauseous in the beginning of this one (where I was never with the other three) and I bled a lot and I was put on some sad restrictions, now that I’m back I feel great. Truly great. Baby kicks all the time, I’m not too huge yet and I don’t have any pains.

I’d sit here and say that I’m lucky to have such good kids, but I know it’s because Matt and I are good parents and we do the best we can. Having a kid like Claire sets the bar high, as she’s got a relatively calm demeanor and always willing to help out. Therefore, she leads by example, and Luca has been doing a great job of following that set example. Mae, I’m sure with time, will be a great big sister. Already Luca and Mae are turning into good friends.

Life is all right.

So even though I’m thankful for my kids every day, this one’s for them.


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  1. So beautiful … I love how you recognize and respect all the different facets of their personalities and accept them exactly how they are – I think that is one of the signs of a great mom (or dad…).
    Strange how I feel like I know your kids – you really have a way with words!

  2. I keep waiting for you to admit that having kids has wrecked your life, but I really don’t think it’s going to happen. You actually like these little beasts, don’t you? I actually find myself liking them a little bit after reading your descriptions for all these . . . wait, have I only known you a year? Mae existed when I started reading you. That’s so weird. Feels like forever.

    ANYWAY, I was actually thinking yesterday that I’d love some “life before kids” posts and “when we decided to first have a kid” posts. Do it.

  3. This post made me tear up. It’s so beautiful. Having gotten to know your kids, I can say that they are all so unique, fun and good. You and Matt have done a great job raising them, and I can’t wait to see what Baby adds to the mix.

  4. Your post almost makes me wish I had kids… but then I get over it. I’ll just have to get my quasi-parental fix by living vicariously through other (stellar) parents.

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