shenanigans and city living

On Saturday night, Matt and I got a babysitter (read: mom) and went out for dinner at Mad Mex. Let’s face it, baby needed a burrito. We took our time eating and after two hours passed, we realized that it was only 8 and we didn’t want to go home yet. Any normal 27 and 30 year old would be able to find a way to fill their time out without kids in the city, but we’re not normal and ended up checking out the new Target in East Liberty. It has escalators and even a private escalator for the carts. So, you know, entertainment.

We looked at tvs and toys for the kids and tried to play the PS3, but it wasn’t working so we ended up buying diapers and left.

We rented a movie and went home just in time to put the kids to bed. You know, fun times.

However, once upon a time we used to be kind of fun. Sort of.

Before Matt and I were even engaged, we lived together in a small one bedroom apartment in Highland Park. I drove a Mini Cooper, worked at Fridays and went to nursing school. Matt had just graduated college and was in the process of finding his dream job. (The one he still has today, actually.) He worked with me at Fridays, too.

In our free time we would hang out with our neighbors, read: Carly and her old boyfriend, or we’d watch really bad tv and order pizza.

Because, you know, that’s how cool people in their 20’s live.

We got Sadie shortly after moving into the apartment and she was kind of like our child. She still needed to be house trained and if you yelled at her, she looked remorseful.

She was also afraid of the most random things.

So that’s what we’d do. We’d spend our free time eating pizza, doing laundry, going to work and torturing the dog.


We’d dress her up in Matt’s gym shorts.


We’d put bras on her head.


And we’d let her have the most fun ever and then give her a dreaded bath.

So in short, before had a house and kids, we had Sadie.

We were pretty much destined to be boring.


About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. I think Sadie was playing a game of, “How can I get Daddy to Chase Me?”

  2. Before we had a kid, we took Leela to have her photo made with Santa. True story. But I don’t consider that at all boring! 🙂

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