Days 22, 23, and 24: Beast Mode

Beast mode. That’s what I’ve been in for the past three days.

And I’m thankful for that.

What’s beast mode, you ask? Beast mode is when you do all the things. All at once. You see a toy on the floor and when you go to put it away, you notice the floor could use a scrubbing and then you realize that the dvds are a mess and the book shelf needs to be organized and you need to bake everything. You know, like a real life, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

But I’m thankful for it.

Here’s why.

Having three kids requires a level of dedication. You can go one of three ways: Let the kids walk all over you, be laid back and efficient, or be over bearing.

I’d like to think I’m relatively laid back. I let my kids dress up, I let Luca wear pink bunny slippers and I don’t get too upset if one of the kids gets paint on the wood floor.

But – don’t be stupid, my children. Because I’ll call you out on that very quickly.

Every now and again a day or two of not doing your daily chores catch up and then you need to enter beast mode. Oh, and Thanksgiving comes around, too. All kinds of things happening all at once.

This could be a catastrophe. I see that. Instead, I do it all. And I do it efficiently.

On Thanksgiving, I had all the things packed up, ready to go up to Carly’s house. I had my list, I checked it off as I put things in the car, I had the kids looking quasi decent and I even loaded the dog up.

Matt was being helpful, too, of course. But I kind of took the reigns on that.

I am, after all alpha female.

On Friday I went to the gym and didn’t change out of my stinky gym clothes until well into the early afternoon. Part of that was because Mae passed out on me. Clearly she had met her beast mode limits. (She then woke up after an hour and a half, ate lunch, then napped another 3 hours.)

Today I’m still going strong. In fact, as I type, I’m browning butter and sauteing garlic for dinner.

Be right back.

Alright. Back. Dinner is going to be awesome.

Anyhow, today, Matt had enough of the bookshelf that was awkwardly placed in the dining room. So it went to the basement. This, of course, spurred us moving tons of things around in order to make space for the Christmas tree.

But first, I had to reorganize the closet upstairs. Because that has everything to do with the Christmas tree.


Oh well. I moved things around in there, vacuumed up the most disgustingly large dust bunnies and the remainder of the second floor, organized our bedroom and then moved on to the first floor. I had to move the papesan chair to the other end of the room, the plant Aladar (the kids named it) to the dining room where the bookshelf once stood and vacuum up everything else.

(And of course, as I type, the Christmas tree is shedding all over the floor I just vacuumed. Oh, and when Matt got the Christmas tree down from the attic, it rained insulation all over my clean carpet. So…all for not? I’m not vacuuming that up. No way, man.)

What’d Matt do during this time? Organized shoes on to the bookshelf that was now in the basement.

Then I scrubbed the shower, put some clothes into storage and then made some dinner.

Beast Mode.

Sure, beast mode made me prepare dinner while sitting on a stool, damnit, I got it done. Baby has a way of making my back hurt somewhat when I do too much. I guess I kind of pushed the limits today, but then again, I kind of do that most of the time.

So now, I tell you why I’m thankful for beast mode.

Because it makes up for the days I’m lazy or at least in normal mode. I got a few days’ worth of work done in an afternoon and while, yes, I’m tired, it’s done, I get a free pass to lay on the couch and I get to eat all the dessert.

Right now I am overhearing Matt and Claire putting the Christmas tree together and it’s quite the comical event. Matt asks for a color label of a tree branch to put on the tree (it’s obviously artificial) and Claire says she can’t find it. Matt says she has a job to do, Claire shouts out colors. Matt says that those aren’t any of the colors he needs. She says she can’t help him. He says she’s slacking. She tells him to “suck it up, buttercup,” and Matt laughs.


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  1. Is that really Beast Mode, or is it Nesting?

    (Just kidding, Alpha Beast…)

    • Ha. Nesting is scary. That’s when I take all the curtains down and wash and iron them, take all the clothes out of the dresser and fold them and cut the kids nails. (I hate cutting the kids’ nails.)

  2. Man, I literally kept misreading this as “breast mode” every time. Awkward.

  3. I need to enter beast mode soon. My last one hit a month or so ago and the house is feeling neglected.

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