What I learned today.

A few days ago I ordered a new TV as an early Christmas gift for Matt and me. It was an exciting day. It’s still not here yet, but still, it was an exciting day.

We’re upgrading from a 32 inch LCD to a 51 inch plasma and shortly after I clicked ‘order,’ Matt got out the measuring tape and realized that our tv stand was exactly 50 inches across, which, yah, not going to work.

We’ve had this tv stand since we lived in our apartment in Highland Park and it’s served us well. I’m sad it’s going away, so instead, we’re going to convert it into a dresser-like thing for Mae and Luca’s room.

Either way, today I went to IKEA with the kids to get a new tv storage unit. They were fantastic, as usual, but I still had to learn a thing or two.

And here’s what I learned from this experience:

1. Taking three kids, while on the larger side of pregnancy, is actually doable if you go in with the mantra: go straight to the warehouse portion and grab your stuff and go. We’ve been to IKEA enough that the kids know that there’s a fun flatbed cart they get to ride on when we grab the furniture to load, therefore, if they are turds, no ride for them.

2. Using pregnancy is a great way to get people to do your work for you. While I was contemplating between white and black-brown, a nice IKEA employee offered to help load up the wares. Too bad he didn’t follow me to the car, because that was not very fun.

3. Building things with a one year old is very counterproductive.

4. Furthermore, allowing her to help by putting little wooden sticks into a few holes turns into her putting little wooden sticks into all the holes.

5. Laziness becomes me, and then when I can’t get the little wooden sticks out of the holes they were jammed into, my teeth prove to be nature’s pliers.

6. The five year old is by far the preferred helper. I probably shouldn’t have let her play Mario Kart, because she keeps Mae in line. Though she proved helpful when she “got into Maelie’s baby brain” to figure out where Mae put the tv cables.

7. It is literally killing me that I’m pregnant and can’t lift the old tv stand up the stairs.

8. But I won’t do it because my back is killing me and Matt’s coming home earlier than Thursday and I doubt he’d believe I’d actually ask someone to help me bring it up the stairs.

9. Asking for help is hard.

10. I freaking love IKEA.


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  1. OK, here’s the plan for next time… you ask the IKEA guy to help you out to the car. Flirt, if you have to. (Although you should wait until you’re not pregnant.) Then when you have the chance, shove him into the trunk (or truck bed) and make tracks for home. Then refuse to take him back until he moves your TV stand.

    Geez, I have to think of everything…

  2. Here’s something I learned: You have strong teeth.

  3. Dude, just chop off an inch off the side of the TV. It’ll mostly be background stuff you’ll miss. DIY, baby!

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