Just breathe

It’s been so busy around these parts. Christmas, as we know, is coming, and Christmas to me is more than buying gifts. I love making things. This year we’re making dry cookie mixes in mason jars, fancy ornaments, home made wrapping paper and of course the most amazing things ever:


Those, friends are turtle pretzels. They’re a little bit of heaven.

We’re doing a bunch of other crafting, too, but it’s just little things here and there.

Friday night, was Matt’s company’s Christmas party. I got to get kind of dressed up:

6948_10151204378853791_1467195796_nAnd I was officially 7 months pregnant at that point. So double yay!

When we got home, we were all set to crash, when Luca woke up with the dreaded barking cough. After sitting on the deck in the cold, wrapped in a blanket for about an hour, he finally fell asleep again, breathing a little easier and we went to bed.

He woke up in the morning hunched over having, yet again, a hard time breathing.

That’s when I was 100% certain that it was croup. I made an appointment for him to get in to see the doctor and he was given a single dose of steroids, told to use the nebulizer and take it easy. So I got him drive through doughnuts, some OJ and put on a movie for him.

You’d never know that kid was sick. He is the easiest going dude ever and the doctor didn’t even think he was that sick until he listened to all the junk going on in his lungs and his lovely cough.

That’s my dude.

Sunday, Matt wanted to try out his Vibrams outside, and Claire wanted to go, too. So she ran her first mile.


So proud.

Then yesterday, Claire’s beloved Super Kitty went missing. She loves that thing. I have no idea where it came from or who gave it to her, but I’ve sewn it up more times than I care to count and yet she still loves that raggedy toy.

She freaked out for a good hour last night before bed, to the point that Matt had to lay in bed with her until she fell asleep. But this morning, she picked up where she left off and was super tearful.

523913_10151209271108791_1310864511_nAnd she made the saddest plea to me to find her kitty, as she carried around a photo she has framed of the dang thing.

So while trying to find Super Kitty, I also put all of Mae’s clothes into the dresser she’s sharing with Luca. About time, right? Yah, I know. It wasn’t high on my priority list. But Matt was getting annoying about it.

Then I asked Luca to look under my bed. Just in case Claire brought Super Kitty in my room when she woke up yesterday morning.

He looked up at me with a huge smile and then threw up his hand with Super Kitty attached. Then he ran to find Claire.


And we’ve gotten package after package after package. I had to start a tally list of items so that the ARL has a good idea of what to expect. Apparently huge donations like these are rare. So are kids like Claire. So it seems fitting.

That’s what’s been going on here. Good, bad, inbetween, but always full of happy smiles and hugs.

Until something else goes missing.


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  1. LOVE the photo of Claire hugging Luca in thanks. Framable!

  2. You look so awesome! And I love your little family… and those turtle pretzels. I think I’ll make some this weekend.

  3. Wow. Your 7-month belly looks like my 3-month belly. Cue feeling sorry for myself in 3…2…1…

  4. I don’t even understand how that counts as a pregnant belly. I understand why you don’t have romantic pregnancy pictures of yourself taken, because no one would understand why you’re shirtless and cupping that thing.

    Also, have you mentioned previously that Matt got Vibrams? I would have no idea what they are except that I believe I wrote my very first Examiner post about them. How does he like them?

    • He’s got a secret crush on them. He wears them about the house and has fantasies of running races in them. So yes, he loves them.

      I also find the baby belly photo sessions kind of creepy. That’s just me – I mean, do it if you want to, people, but I just can’t get into the, HEY It’s my naked belly but there’s a baby in there, seriously. Just don’t look at my belly AFTER the baby comes out. JUST NOW. ONLY NOW.

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