Reaching Germany

Claire’s project has reached all across the United States. States she’s received items from:

*New York (NYC, what, what?!)
*North Carolina

What states am I missing?

A faithful reader, Fine, lives in Germany. To get stuff sent here would be a real pain. Worth it, but a real pain. So instead, she donated to her local shelter, which is AWESOME.



So now, Claire, in a roundabout way has helped international dogs and cats!



Today, after counting up all the receipts sent with the boxes from, she has collected over 900 dollars worth in goods. And on top of that, she’s received a lot of in person items, so I’m thinking it’s at least over 1000 dollars, if not more, what she’s gotten for donation.

Tomorrow we’re going to Walmart to spend the gift card we got sent to us from a friend of my mom’s father in law who said he didn’t want anything for Christmas, just for a donation go to a good cause. So Claire’s project was deemed a good cause and we, armed with coupons, will be buying kitty litter, and perhaps a festive bandanna if we can find some.

We do the big drop off on Friday, so of course, stay tuned for that. It’s going to be a pretty joyful occasion to say the least. Matt’s even taking the morning off for it. We have to take two cars because of how much stuff we have.


My daughter has amazed me since the moment she was holding her head steady at a week old. But this is a whole other level of amazing. I just can’t think of the word.

She just makes the world such a better place for being in it.

This, friends, is my Christmas.


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  1. I think a video is in order! Please thank Claire for allowing us to share in this wonderful feeling of giving! Got my thank you note! Awesome! Explaining to my husband who Claire is, her mom and her mom’s mom was a fun conversation.

  2. What’s the German sound for a dog barking? I’m guessing it’s not “arf”, although that does sound German. Like my last name.

  3. Claire is an amazing girl and she is doing amazing things. Two cars is a LOT of stuff. Looking forward to the video!

  4. This is so exciting! Way to go Claire! I am loving the follow ups on this.

  5. I just read ARL’s Facebook about Claire. Way to go! I gave her a “you rock” on FB, and here is another one: You rock, Claire!

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