Winding down

This morning we went off to Walmart to spend the gift card we had received as a donation. I had asked what was most needed after I showed the ARL my list and it was obvious – kitty litter.

So what do you do when you have free money to spend? Well, you clear the shelves at Walmart. Literally.

We got 15 bags of kitty litter.


This photo was taken before I got a second cart, moved Mae and packed in more litter. (The bags were 10 pounds each, I squatted to pick them up, lifting with my legs and not my back. I’ve done this pregnancy thing before, and I do prefer my uterus inside my body.)

Oh, and a bag of dog chews. That was Claire’s request.

We went to Petsmart (because we got another 60 dollars yesterday and at this point had 40 left to spend) in the hopes of finding some festive bandannas for the dogs, but alas, they had nothing in that department. So instead we got all the animals festive cookie shaped raw hides. 36 of them to be precise. And another two bags of Better than Ears.

But more importantly, they saw the animals:

petcoSo now I have a car full of cat litter, a house full of dog treats and kids full of smiles.

I think that’s called winning the day.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. I can just see the people on the street, watching you unloading all that kitty litter and thinking all kinds of things:

    “Who the hell is visiting, the Circus?”

    “Crazy Cat Ladies are getting younger.”

    “She must really be afraid of getting her car stuck in the snow.”

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