Today was the big day! What we’ve been waiting weeks for! And it went 100% smoothly.

Even with WTAE being there.

That’s right. The news was there. A camera man named Chris filmed us for the news tonight and he was so kind.

And Claire was all smiles.

And so appreciative.

And just. Wow.

After the gym, I walked into the house where my mom was sitting and said, “Guess who’s going to be on TV?”

Claire. Claire was going to be.

Apparently they flipped over the idea of the story, when she called them. What five year old does this kind of thing?

So after she got a shower and her hair dried nice and put on her favorite kitty eating an ice cream cone tee shirt and was ready to go, Matt had the play room set up with all her donations ready for her big photo:

003Then we packed up the car, packed up the kids and drove off.

When we got there, we were greeted by a really nice woman named Meadow and waited in the front entrance until my friend Jen got there. In the mean time, a bunch of the ARL higher ups came down to greet us, including the executive director, Dan Rossi, who is an amazingly kind man. Clearly, he’s in the right place of work.

All of them are. The work they do every day is amazing work. Seeing it up close was so fun. It’s not just about adopting animals out, it’s about loving the animals in the time that they spend there. Those animals were so well loved. Each with their own time out of the cage to socialize and find comfort.

When everyone had gathered, all the volunteers and workers came out to help unload the car, with the camera rolling. Claire forgot he was there, and her smiles were all genuinely Claire.


Claire even got in on the action:

009Luca loved Chris and the puddles:


After Claire’s interview and her play time with a cat named Bixley (who’s been there for 5 months and is ABSOLUTELY beautiful and if it weren’t for me having a zoo already, I would have taken him home,) they interviewed me. I hope I didn’t look like a complete nut. I never know where to look. I’ve also never been on TV. So there’s that.



Then she got to go see the dogs and wind down.

It was a fantastic day. She was all smiles as we drove home and kept telling me that she was so happy to help.

That’s my girl. I’m so proud of her.

We’ll be back next week to drop off the remaining items that have yet to get here and Matt fell in love with a few cats there, so I’m about 50% positive we may get one.

He just doesn’t know it yet.

If you still wanted to be a part of the amazingness that happened, donate directly to the Animal Rescue League in Claire’s name.

It’s not too late.

(Or donate to your local shelter! And if you do, please send a photo! We love seeing how this is starting something big!)

So from my family to yours, thank you for helping my little girl make big changes.


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  1. YAY! What a wonderful day!!! I hope you will later post links to the news clips where you and Claire are interviewed! What a wonderful memory making day! Your mom is AWESOME for calling the TV station!

    True story: I was in Homestead on Thursday morning at Starbucks and across the way there is an ARL store where they do giftwrapping as a fundraiser. I thought of you both and wanted to email you right then and there and make plans to visit you on the way out of town but didn’t because I heard bad weather was coming. The rain was crazy yesterday afternoon when I was finished with my meetings and I wanted to get on the road as soon as I could. Next trip though I’ll plan ahead!

  2. Oh WOW, what an amazing amount of stuff! Way to go, Claire!
    That sounds like a truly great day; I am glad everything went so smooth. And now Claire and you are going to become famous! I can’t wait to see the news clips…
    I had quite the stressful day, but that post just made the end of it so much better. I can’t help but smile when I see Claire’s smile!

  3. I know I keep saying it, but I’m so proud of Claire! And what I haven’t said is that I’m so proud of you for helping her realize this amazing project. Loved the video, it made tear up.

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