Girls’ night

Matt had a gift card burning a hole in his wallet from Carly and Ben’s wedding. I told him to take that, his Christmas cash and Luca to the mall to buy himself some new work clothes.

He was happy to oblige.

The girls looked at me and Claire said, “Well, what do we do?”

This is why I’m glad I have girls. I said, “Let’s go be girly!”

I took my girls up to my bathroom and got started.

I put a mud mask on Claire and washed Mae’s face with my special brush scrubber. I trimmed Claire’s hair and put some honey in the girls’ hair. (It’s seriously the best hair mask ever. Goes on sticky – rinses clean. It lightens and brightens the hair while making it stronger and shinier!) Then I cleaned out their ears (gross!) trimmed their nails and brushed their teeth with a special baking soda scrub.


Then I plunked them in the tub, rinsed their hair and faces, let them enjoy a few schinanigans and then wrapped them in their special piggy and frog towels.

I dried their hair with the blow dryer, got them dressed in comfy clothes and then gave them pedicures.


Who doesn’t love some sparkly toes?

pedicureThe boys returned home, we ate some delicious BBQ chicken pizza, played a game of Yahtzee Jr, and then put on some short stories by Dreamworks. (Madagascar Christmas, How to Train Your Dragon…etc.)

This has been a fun holiday vacation.


(This is when I quote The Princess Bride: “Wuv! Twue wuv!”)


About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Sounds like a perfectly comfy day. I love that about holidays.
    I will try out the honey mask on my hair in the next few days. I have only used it on my face until now, it’s a great moisturizer!

  2. Sounds like a wonderfully girly day!

  3. Um, I want to come over and be one of your kids on girl night. That cool?

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