The Chore Chart (and other boring life news)

Claire is really good about doing chores 90% of the time. Say what you will about my parenting skills, but I think it’s important for kids to have a solid foundation of household tasks to do before they get to the age of “I DON’T WAAAAANT TO DO THAT!”

See, for now, it’s still fun. And I intend to keep it that way. But I needed to be more organized. So, today I created a chore chart that each day Claire and Luca will have to complete the daily tasks and put an x when they finish. There’s no reward given, just the knowledge that they’re awesome and get to remain in the family a little longer. They have a sense of accomplishment and that’s what I think is most important.

So what’s on the chore chart? Here’s Claire’s:

Read for 30 minutes: Every day
Practice taekwondo: Tue, Thurs, Sat
Make your bed: Every day
Dust: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun
Vacuum: Tues, Thurs, Sat
Do your laundry: Wed, Sat
Pick up your room: Every day


Pick up your toys: every day
Collect your laundry: Wed, Sat
Book time for 30 minutes: every day (which is never a stretch for him)
Make your bed: every day

Yes. I make my five year old dust (which involves just the entertainment center and five minutes,) vacuum (which only includes two small area rugs, yet another five minutes) and yes, she does her own laundry. She loads up her basket, drags it to the basement, adds the soap, loads the washer, waits for it to finish. When it’s done, she transfers it to the dryer, adds a dryer sheet and sets the timer. When it’s done, she takes it out and puts the basket at the bottom of the stairs and I take it up to her room.

She folds her own laundry and puts it away, too.

No, I’m not a mean, demanding mother. But yes, she should have to do these things. It’s easy, simple and when all the laundry is put away, she feels so good.

So sue me. I make her do chores.

Getting Luca to do chores is a little more of a pull. He gets quickly frustrated with making his bed, but day after day, we chip away at it and he gets less and less frustrated. All he has is a comforter and two pillows. It’s not like I’m asking for much. But he’s three, so I am relatively patient with him. He loves gathering his laundry in baskets and helping Claire change loads. So there’s that.

What does Mae do during all of this? She makes a mess of building blocks or looks at her own books. But she doesn’t get to do anything loud or annoying when the kids are having their 30 minute book time. And I get to write a blog about it.

In other news, I’ve been sick since Saturday, but today I’m finally on the mend. It was pretty crappy there for a while, but what can you do? Stupid colds. There’s been a huge outbreak of influenza and while, yes, I still will always preach getting the flu shot, this year’s flu shot didn’t cover the strain that everyone is getting. The positive, though, if you did get the flu shot, and are then exposed to the flu, at least you’re getting a weakened strain because your body has some sort of immunity built up to it. It’s just a sibling virus that is out, so fear not flu shot receivers, you are covered somewhat. Just not 100%. So make sure you go get the vaccine! (And next year, and the next…)

I’ve also had some issues with what I believe to be my gallbladder, though the diagnosis has yet to be seen. I had this pain the last two pregnancies, but nothing to this scale. Frankly, it’s annoying now. It goes from the base of my ribs on the right side to my back (classic gallbladder signs) after I eat. And worse when I eat something fatty (yet another classic sign.) So, for now, I’m just watching my diet and tomorrow I have an ultrasound to see if it really is an angry gallbladder. But if it is, as I suspect, there’s nothing that can be done. Just make sure that I don’t piss it off too badly.

I’m looking at this to be positive, though. I mean, it’s a new year, and everyone’s trying to make all these positive changes to their bodies, and here I am, forced with not being allowed to eat chocolate, baked goods, anything fatty or fried. While pregnant. So cravings be damned, I just can’t do it. It seriously hurts enough that I’m willing to forgo cake.

Not to mention, it’ll do wonders for my weight gain. At the OB’s office today I didn’t gain a pound from the previous two weeks. And that was over the holidays. I’ll count that as a win. So whine and ache all you want, dear gallbladder, I will win.

Tomorrow I’ll find out if I’m being a baby or not. Here’s to hoping we find something definitive, because I’m over it.

And I hate being wrong.


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  1. The pain you’re describing sounds a lot like the pain I had in my last pregnancy. It was mostly in my back, and would magically go away if I mashed the top of my uterus just near my right rib cage. I thought that was so bizarre, that the back pain could be controlled by a completely different area of my body. Alas, I digress. How much longer do you have?

    • Yah, it goes from front to back and when I eat, so I’m 99% convinced.

      I have less than 8 weeks left. WOO.

      • Almost there! I am 17 weeks today, so I have 22 weeks left! (We’ll induce on June 5th, one week early, because Grant was so HUGE.)

      • Congrats! That’s so exciting. Though, the thought of going back to week 17 makes me nauseous. You understand.

      • Being this is your 4th pregnancy, I get that. 😉

        I’m just now starting to feel better. I’ve been sick since 6 weeks, and was still barfing up to a week ago. Morning sickness has subsided somewhat, but the all-day-random-hey-let’s-get-nauseated-for-no-reason sickness has still been lingering. A total challenge for me considering I never even got queasy when I was pregnant with Grant. Was sure it was a girl because everything’s been so different, but it’s another boy.

      • Yah, the myths that pregnancy varies based on sex is such crap. I’ve had one of each an I can tell you now, they’ve all been the same. And until this pregnancy went and decided to bleed and scare the shit out of me, it was normal, too. (Though, I was lucky to never barf during any pregnancy. Please don’t hate me. Pretty sure my SCH made up for three earlier easy pregnancies.)

  2. Good luck with the gallbladder thing.
    I totally second the flu vaccination thing. My kids, all vaccinated, had a little 24 hour bugginess (low fever, tummy upset).
    Lastly, you’ve reminded me that I need to update my kids’ chore charts. I also need to create a schedule for Flora for school. She needs to come back to being on task.

  3. I had the gallbladder issue with all 3 kids as well. It runs in my family so I was doubly screwed and thought I’d have to have it out within weeks of having Louie…except that once I had him, it went away and for the most part, took my heartburn with it. I powered through and you’re shitloads tougher than I am.
    Still have it. It’s not that I would be broken hearted to lose it, it’s just that, like you, I’m a nurse and even though I could use a few days off, I SO don’t want to go under the knife!
    Hope it calms down for you! I miss ya!

  4. Love the chore chart idea! I think once Sarah gets past screaming over having to pick up the crayons she dumped on the floor and can, you know, understand the chart, we’ll give it a try!

    Hope you get some good answers and feel better!

  5. I think having the little’uns do some chores is exactly right. Heck, Claire can do more right now than most college boys.

  6. I think it’s great that your kids (if only in a small way) make a contribution to the household. And a chore chart is always great. When I shared a flat with three others, that was the only way all the tasks would get done in time – and we were adults…
    Hope you get a clear answer at the appointment and the diet changes help with the pain!

  7. Maybe I need to go back to the chore chart. I am so undisciplined. I have said at least 25 times to my nine-year-old that when I was her age, I had to do the dishes for our family of five, whereas she only takes her dishes into the kitchen. I guess we both need a kick in the butt.

    Good luck with the gallbladder!

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