Save the Date!

While thinking about Claire’s marathon efforts and feeling slightly sorry for myself that she’s running and Matt’s running the half and I’m running nothing, I figured to suck it up and shove myself into it regardless.

No, I’m not running. But I am hosting another spin-a-thon to raise money for the Animal Rescue League in April!

The way I see it, I work for a gym, my manager doesn’t mind, I can teach classes, I have willing instructors to donate their time and lots of empty bikes to fill…why not?

And it’s for a great cause.

This time, since I’m planning far in advance, I’m doing things a little bit differently. I’m giving options. The options are this: come ride and pay 10 dollars an hour you choose to ride OR be sponsored.

Sponsored? What does that mean?

Use me for an example:  I will go out and beg people to give me money per hour I ride. I don’t care if it’s a dollar or 10 dollars. I’ll tell people up front, hey, I’m riding 4 hours, so pledge wisely.

So when I go to spin that day, I’ll have x amount of money per person who said they’d pledge. Make sense?

For example: If 10 people donated 5 dollars an hour for 4 hours, then that’s 20 bucks a person…200 dollars, that’s HUGE.

Or more simply, if someone wanted to shove 20 bucks at me, I’ll take it.

All donations, check, cash or direct donations to Claire’s donation page will all go towards the ARL. All money collected on the day of the spin-a-thon will be counted multiple times by many witnesses.

This is sound, I promise.

Also, I have the backing of the Animal Rescue League and have been in contact with the Marketing Director and she’s promised to have items to give away every hour we spin. (No, not animals.) She’s also going to open it up to the 250 runners that are also running for the ARL. So those runners will have the option of raising money for their personal fund raising page, too!

So, this is a forewarning that I’ll be begging to be pledged in the near future. Matt and I are tag teaming for Claire, so you don’t have to pick who you like more. (Though I totally know everyone likes Matt more. I take no offense.)

And Jessica is making flyers! This is huge!

Now, if only I can convince my boss that it’s a great idea to let dogs come run around the gym…



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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Such a great idea! I hope you get tons of spinners!

  2. My sister is running the marathon for ARL. I’ll pass this along to her. If you aren’t a member of your gym, will there be additional fees to attend the spin a thon?

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