Peas and Carrots: a life update in photos

Over the Christmas break, Matt had to go to his office to print something out. While I was at the gym, he took the kids with him and of course, they had to see the trains. PPG Place has this large Christmas tree in the Wintergarden and around the tree are several model trains that go around through hills and tunnels. The kids are always enamored by it. Mae, more than most it seemed.

photo (5)

Tuesday, with the excitement of Penguins hockey returning, I stuffed myself into my Geno tee shirt for RPM.

photo (19)

Thursday, I had one of the most awesome RPM classes ever. For being 33 weeks pregnant, I even impressed myself with how long and hard I was able to push myself on the bike. When I got home, I took my hair down, which resembled Wild Man of Borneo. And probably smelled like him, too. Then I promptly showered.

photo (15)

That night, while playing some Words with Friends in bed, the kids all came in to say goodnight to baby.

photo (9)

Friday morning I had to have some lengthy negotiations with the cat regarding her hostile take over of Sadie’s bed. I was able to confine her to half the couch (which is, sadly, my dog’s bed) and Sadie passively climbed up and made herself look like she wasn’t afraid of the cat. The cat, AKA Lila Monster AKA Cuddle Kitty, is the sweetest cat in the history of cats. So. My dog is clearly a pushover wimp.

photo (20)Friday night Matt and Claire, who I call Peas and Carrots, went to the Skate with the Greats. It’s an event that takes place downtown on an outdoor ice arena where some of the past greats of the Penguins go and have a meet and greet and skate. She got to meet the assistant coach Tony G. Matt said that he was by far the coolest dude he’s met. First thing he did was bend down to Claire’s height and asked her questions. He was so happy to have his photo taken with her, too. It really made Claire’s night to feel important to a guy who was super important.

photo (32)Peas and Carrots.

photo (33)After attempting to see Les Miserables a few weeks ago, but wasn’t able due to me being sick, we tried to see it again today. When we got to the theater, Matt insisted on getting the most giant bucket of popcorn ever. Then he had to pee. So what did he do? Handed me the popcorn, laughed at me, shook his head, said how cliche I looked, then walked into the bathroom. When he came out, he had his camera ready on his phone and snapped a photo of me looking on disapprovingly. With my tea.

photo (35)When the previews started and I got a little giddy at the thought of finally seeing a movie I had been excited to see since Jessica told me about it in June (thanks to her Entertainment Weekly,) my phone started to vibrate and it was my mom saying that she was pulled over on the side of the road with Claire and Luca and Claire wouldn’t get back into the car because she thought she was going to throw up.


We drove out to where she was, a few exits up the highway and picked them up.

I still haven’t seen Les Mis.

Turns out it was just Claire finding out what it feels like to be carsick and she was perfectly fine, laughing the whole car ride home.

But, she did get her official Paws Over Pittsburgh Marathon shirt.

photo (36)Then the kids went outside and beat the small, sad amount of remaining snow senseless, while enjoying sixty degree weather.

photo (38)And then I went to enjoy a salad before dinner, to find it had been contaminated.

photo (39)


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  1. I love how closely Les Mis and Les Mills look. I’m just saying.

    I still haven’t made it either and I’m not sure when I will!

    Loved all the hockey pictures of Claire, and that first photo of Mae is also a pretty great photo of Luca.

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