A crunchy hippie. That’s me

I can be impulsive at times. Shock, I know. And surprisingly it’s not just because of pregnancy hormones. If you’ve been following me for the long haul, years ago, I wrote about how I was over chemicals and additives to food, so I read everything I could, followed fooducate.com/blog and basically educated myself. Then I stopped eating it.

Has it been life changing? Not sure. But I don’t have cancer or anything yet and I feel better inside my brain. Like I’m making a good, solid decision. So that’s worth it to me. Not to mention, looking back over old receipts from grocery stores since before I’ve started shopping exclusively at Trader Joe’s, I’ve spent an average 60 dollars LESS a month on groceries. Mind you, that was when I had a smaller family. I can’t even imagine what it’d be now.

Then when I was pregnant with Mae, I read an article about cleaning products and what it can do to your body while pregnant. So I stopped using them and switched to simple baking soda and white vinegar. I also would buy the sprays that were at Trader  Joe’s, a mixture of oils and all natural ingredients to clean when I was just plain sick of the peppermint-y vinegar smell.

It’s been a long time coming that I’d have this impulsive attack of madness. So maybe it’s not really impulsive.

But last week, I went through all of my things in the bathroom and basically threw it all into the recycle bin. Lotions, face wash, left over shampoo that has sat there for over a year, moisturizers…

Well, I kept the plastic bottles from the face wash and turned it into my new face wash bottle.

Then I took a deep breath and decided I wasn’t going back.

I had been experimenting with all natural for a while now. A few weeks ago I went pretty much 100%. I used only the OCM (oil cleansing method) on my face, coconut oil for my body lotion. Why not, right?

I feel so free.

A.) It’s cheaper.

B.) It’s healthier.

C.) It’s awesome.

D.) I don’t need half the crap I used to buy.

E.) I may have finally cured my stupid face skin. It only took 14 years.

So I put a new page up at the top of the blog here with all the things I do now. Katie Ett emailed me to tell me that her boyfriend thinks my teeth are going to fall out, but she thinks I’m still cool. (I’ve been using baking soda only as a toothpaste for a few weeks now and it’s pretty awesome. My teeth haven’t been whiter! Here’s to hoping they’re not staging a coup and are in the process of rotting.)

That way, you guys don’t have to hear how I’ve taken a turn for the hippie worse and you can just read it when or if you want.

As I delve deeper into my insanity of au naturale, I’ll make sure to post recipes that I find helpful for this or that.

Also, I’ve failed on a few things, too. So if you’ve been contemplating trying something, but haven’t and have questions, ask. I’ll answer to the best of my experience.

I mean, I said I’d never wash my hair again, and I’m still going strong. So I can do all this, too, right?


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  1. I’m blogging today about some plans to start making some of my own stuff too. Thanks for the link. I still haven’t been able to pull off the no shampoo or the oil face wash – because you have me hooked on Cetaphil. I love it. 🙂

    • I JUST dumped all the rest of my cetaphil down the drain this past weekend. I read about it on this website about safety and what side effects it can cause and once I know something…I’m so neurotic! Huge downfall of me. Neurotic.

  2. The funniest part? I was just going to email you and suggest (demand) that you put all your natural stuff on here somewhere so those of us that only want to stick our big toe in can have a jumping off spot.

  3. Be careful with the baking soda as toothpaste. Make sure you’re using an extra-soft brush and heavily diluting. I remember wanting to switch to baking soda only – or something more natural and free of SLS, etc. I asked my father in law about it – he’s a dentist – and he said I should never brush, especially vigorously, with baking soda. It’s too abrasive, and will quickly erode gums and strip enamel. He said it’s okay as a rinse, when diluted in water, but brushing is bad. Have you tried tooth soap? Sounds crazy, but it’s an all-natural, healthier solution. If you wanna DIY, here’s a blog explaining how: http://homesteadwannabes.blogspot.com/2010/11/homemade-tooth-soap-recipe-healthy.html
    I use this: http://www.etsy.com/listing/62410894/xylitol-and-neem-bark-tooth-chips-4-oz?ref=sr_gallery_5&ga_search_query=tooth+chips&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_ship_to=US&ga_search_type=all

  4. The baking soda vinegar cleaning has been a game changer for me. I love it so much! And I agree with you. I’ve tossed out loads of stuff with terrible ingredients. My friend Lori is also super crunchy about all this stuff too and has done a ton of research and has lots of lists at her blog thepurposedrivenmom.com You should talk to her!

    • I’m telling you, the vinegar is smelly at first, but you get used to it and it WORKS. So cheap. I get two gallons at a time from Sam’s for 3 bucks. THREE BUCKS.

  5. I’ve been contemplating making my own reusable maxi pads for a while now. Like, for real. I just don’t have the whatevers (balls doesn’t seem like an appropriate word here) to do it. But I mean it’s just one step more extreme than cloth diapering, the way I see it. What say you?

  6. I finally bought some oil this morning when placing my toiletries order. I’m going to try using it on my face just at night first to see how it goes. Of course, I still had a bunch of St. Ives stuff and Vaseline lotion in my order, because I’m not quite ready to take the plunge.

    I think it’s SO COOL that this stuff is taking over the Internet, though. We’re becoming a healthier people! Together! Through blogging!

    Can you write more about the coconut oil, though? I’ve been interested in that for a while but am scared that I’m going to leave an oil streak behind me on the furniture. How much do I use? Will it all soak in?

    • Tomorrow I can write all about coconut oil. It’s (so lame to admit) changed my life. It absorbs in the same amount of time as lotion would.

      I only use the OCM at night. In the morning I just rinse my face with water. That’s it.

  7. I tried the OCM for three months in 2011/2012 and sadly, it didn’t work for me. I may try it again one day with a different olive oil/castor oil ratio. Am looking forward to all your posts on the crunchy hippie stuff! (And how good does it feel to throw out all that stuff?! I mean, I felt kind of guilty too because, well, I was throwing away stuff, but I gave all the bottles that were still almost full to friends and the rest went into the bin. So liberating!)

    And I am glad you told us about the Diva cup and that you’re satisfied, because, again, I was contemplating ordering one and nobody in my circle of friends has tried it yet. It just seems a lot eco-friendlier to me, and in the long term, it should be cheaper, too, so I think I’ll give it a try.

    • It’s funny. As soon as I posted the thing about the Diva Cup I was like, um…doubt people want to know that. But I’m glad it’s helping people out to know. I haven’t been able to use it much, obviously since I’m always pregnant, but it’s great for when I’m able to.

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