30 percent

I needed some happy today.

I contacted Claire’s taekwondo director and let her know about her fundraising and she was absolutely thrilled. She suggested her as the success story of the month of March and said we could place a bin at the studio for pet donations. How amazing!

Claire’s been working on her thank you cards already on her own free will:


Best friend for life Jessica designed the flyers and they’re ah-mazing:


The Animal Rescue League has been super supportive and is going to have volunteers present with adoptable dogs and cats and balloons and prizes and a table set up and give aways and this is so awesome!

DOGS AND CATS! They’ll be cheering everyone on as they spin and sweat and raise money for more dogs and cats!

And today Claire, made it to her 30% goal. She was so excited when I told her that she was literally jumping up and down. She’s making more thank yous now.

She even made it to the main Pittsburgh Marathon Charity page:

30 percent!

So while Mae naps, and I get a chance to zone out, I’m smiling.

Thank you all.


About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. So many good things. I’m glad there’s so much joy in the midst of so much sick.

  2. You know I’m going at 8am with you right??!! Tell them to bring extra because I will be cuddling one furball until I bike.

    • Ha ha! Yes! You’ll be soaking up all the animal loves until noon when you spin. So that’s 4 hours of animal loving. Also, did you want me to email you the flyer for you to solicit?

  3. Ah, Claire, you go girl… Hope everyone is feeling better already!

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