The dreams of an almost two year old

Yesterday afternoon, around four, Mae got a random fever.

Now, at 10 AM, after being up all night, this is what she looks like.

photo (48)And now, at 10:15, she looks more like she’s melting into the couch with her eyes half open.

Let’s back track.

2 AM rolled around, and Mae woke up crying. By the time Matt and I got to her door, she had it ripped open and was screaming about “BEE BUGS!” (stink bugs) Completely delirious. We checked her temp (101.1,) gave her tylenol, let her drink some water and tucked her back in. With her beloved monkey.

Fifteen minutes later, she was up again. Screaming, again about bee bugs.

Thirty minutes after that, more bee bugs.

So I climbed into bed with her.

Mae is a hoarder. She has 8 blankies, 10 stuffed animals and an extra pillow in her tiny bed. So, I was surprisingly comfortable.

Here’s a tip to parents of small children who haven’t moved into a normal bed yet: Don’t be cheap. We bought the cheapest mattress set, yes, but we splurged on the mattress topper. It’s two inches thick, and super comfortable. So on nights like last night, I really loved myself and was so glad I bucked up and spent the dough.

Every fifteen minutes, on the nose, she’d wake up about something. At first it was really cute. She’d start to dream, then yell “BEE BUG!” “CLAIRE!” “MAMA!” “CUCA!” and I thought it was sweet. Getting to know what she dreams about. But about two hours in, it got old, and even more intense. Almost like she was having nightmares. It got progressively worse. She’d wake up, scream “Mama! Mama! Mommy!!” and it would take a few minutes for me to calm her.

By 6:30, after going through this along with a brief intermission for more water, motrin and a diaper change for comfort, she woke up just completely out of sorts – shaking, grabbing at me, shrieking. I couldn’t calm her. Matt woke up and found me trying to rock her, too tired to stand up, so he took her and she put her head on his shoulder and tried to go to sleep. She couldn’t keep her head up and her eyes were half open. She kept saying, “Mama…mama…” softer and softer.

Then I started to cry. Well, tear, more or less. Not normal crying, just lots of tears.

So here we are. Morning. Mae is still melting into the couch, is refusing to eat, has OK temps (below 102) and is watching Rio, her favorite movie. She’s the picture of pathetic.

We knew it was inevitable that she’d get sick, but I’ve never seen her sick before. I’m not handling it well. But that may just be delirium on my part. Not sure.

So if you can, send some positive vibes Mae’s way. Poor little body could use some.


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  1. This makes me so sad. Poor Mae Mae. Fevers do crazy things to our heads. I hope she’s feeling better soon.

  2. Hoping Mae starts feeling better and you all get some sleep.

  3. Consider good vibes Mae’s way. (yours too). Poor girl. I spent most of last night in the bathroom, so I feel her pain, just in a different way. Hang in there.

  4. I love that she peed on your mom, and your mom didn’t seem to care AT ALL.

  5. Oh, poor Mae! I really hope she is feeling better already and that your family stays healthy for a while… A plethora of positive vibes coming your way!

  6. Goodnes I hope she’s getting better. M little heart is breaking for her. Nightmares are nothing to scoff at.

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