Potty wars, rearranging and poop

This is a post partially about poop. You’ve been warned.

On Sunday, Mae will turn two. My other two kids were at least 75% potty trained within the first week after their second birthdays, and I had planned on making sure Mae wasn’t the exception.

What is 75% potty trained? The ability to go to the bathroom while at home, with underwear and can usually make it when not at home. Nights are not a part of the equation, as that takes time, and Luca’s still having issues with night time. But during the day? He’s been 100% since the day I refused to let him go to the gym three days after his second birthday. I made him stay home with my mom, and I took the girls to the gym. He was on a three day poop strike and I knew I was going to win that war. When I got home, he had successfully used the toilet, multiple times, and insisted on wearing undies.

That was the end of that story.

Mae is really no different. I started going hard core potty training on her about two weeks ago. She’s been naked from the waist down (as that’s how I roll) and she’s now 100% pee trained. However, she has to be naked in order to do so. For weeks we’ve been having the battle of the poop. As any parent can remember, that’s the worst part about potty training. By like a million.

We’ve been relatively patient and the only thing that I think that helped out our cause was to physically flush the contents of her diaper down the toilet and wave bye bye.

Parenting hits a new high.

Today I decided that we needed to rearrange our bedroom. Now. I mean, there’s a baby coming soon and I needed to make room for the baby’s Amby bed and there were dust bunnies the size of Texas lurking in corners and I had had enough.

So half way through the rearranging and arguing with Matt about why I needed to do this now, Mae started walking up the stairs holding the bucket of her froggy potty with a nice little surprise in it. That’s when Claire exclaimed, “Mae dropped a log!”

That, my friends, is parenting gold. And it didn’t stop there. That’s what happens when you hang on to the love for a few days.

Then the Pens scored.

This warranted texts to my mom, sister and Jessica.

So, next phase is undies. Not that I don’t just love looking at her naked butt all day, but when she tries to get naked at the gym daycare, something’s gotta give.

It’s a work in progress. She’s not quite two, but I think this is a huge step in the right direction. We’ll still have our accidents and I’m OK with that because she finally get it.

I’ve been changing diapers for 5 straight years, people. And sometimes I was lucky enough to have TWO kids in diapers at the same time, even if it was for only a few months.

Will I have a week without changing diapers?

Stay tuned.


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  1. Yay for Mae and for you! Hope you get that diaper-free week – I have only ever changed the diapers of the kids I baby-sat, and that was at the most three days a week, so I can’t really fathom what it means to do it every day for five years, but remembering the smell of some of them I keep my fingers crossed for you…

  2. How is a poop strike even possible? I’m picturing Luca walking around all day with squeezed butt cheeks, and even then, I’m not sure I could do it.

  3. Do you have all hardwood floors? I am really wanting to get Silas trained this summer and am really in favor of the pants-less method, but am worried about how to do this logistically with carpet. Thoughts?

    • We have all solid floors downstairs, but throw rugs, and she would usually have accidents ON the throw rugs. I just relied on my trusty vinegar and steam vac and we were good to go. The pantless method is the only one that’s worked for me.

  4. I would also love to try pantless, but we only have weekends available, so I’m not sure what to do. But I am so happy for Mae and you and hope you get at least a week break. And look on the bright side, breastfed diapers aren’t too bad.

  5. Still imagining the super powers it would take for me to wage a three day poop strike. Nope. Can’t happen.

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