Zero to Nine Months

Before I found out I was pregnant, I was doing normal things. I was running in 85 degree weather up and down hills pushing a double jogger.

iPhone 006

I was teaching RPM in my really nice bike shorts.

iPhone 010And I was working really damn hard at getting my core back to where it was prior to kids.

baby bellyThen I found out I was pregnant and I went from zero to nine months, pretty fast. Well, not very fast. Because I’ve been pregnant since JUNE. And now there’s snow on the ground and I’m STILL pregnant.

But here we go. Photo progression time! I go from small, small, small, small, to holy crap you’re really pregnant.

Week 16:

baby belly

Week 18:
baby belly

Week 20:

baby belly


Week 23:

baby belly

Week 26:

baby bellyWeek 28:

photo (62)

Week 30:

photo (59)

Week 31:

photo (56)

Week 36:photo (54)

So here we are. 23 days away from my due date. Still chugging along. I look at that second photo and forget what it looks like to have a waist. It’s funny how slowly I got bigger and bigger, but when it’s happening every day, I never really paid attention. But seeing it in progression? Wow. There’s really a baby in there. The bed’s all set up. The neutral clothes are washed and put away. The car carrier is somewhere in the basement. I’m sleeping on average 6 hours a night. I’m ready, Matt’s ready, the kids are ready. But I go on time, so don’t worry guys. The baby’s in for a while.

Still don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl. I have my feelings, so we’ll see if I can go 4/4. Though, this baby is stubborn. So I’ll probably be wrong.

But it’s OK this one time to be wrong. Because if it’s healthy, safe and a baby, then I’m OK with being wrong.

Four kids aged five and under. LET’S DO THIS!


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Yaaaaay! Your belly was sooooo lame for so long that I never thought it was going to pop out. Exciting!

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