Coconut Oil, I love you.

Natural cures, for the win, people. I’m never looking back at the other stuff I used to use. And it’s not because I think I’m better than everyone else  because I’ve ‘gone natural’ (because I’m totally not) or because it’s the green thing to do or because it’s better for the body… I’m never looking back because it’s the only thing in the past 20 some years that works for me.

It works. Like, really works.

Reason why I love coconut oil number 1:

Mae’s hair. I’ve mentioned this. That it was a frizzy, fragile, broken rat’s nest. It was awful. Absolutely awful. It’d knot up, hurt to brush and it looked awful. I’d trim it, try conditioner, wet it, use olive oil, anything.

Then, about two weeks ago, I’d put coconut oil on it – twice a day. I simply took the whipped up stuff from my jar that I use as lotion, let it melt in my hand for a few seconds, then put it on the damaged parts and brushed it through. Twice a day. It was a greasy mess for the first week, then it stopped being greasy. About two days ago, I only had to do it before bed. In the morning, it looks better. I only have to put it on a small portion anymore, less than half of the amount of hair previous to me treating it. It’s slowly getting better, which is amazing to me, because I always thought once hair was fried, it was fried. That there was no fixing it.

Then I started doing this to my hair, too.

Reason 2:

I have curly/wavy hair. It’s mostly wavy because it’s dry. Why my hair is dry is unknown to me since I hardly dye it (read: once a year maybe?) I use no shampoo or conditioner and I let it air dry.

Yet here it is, dry.

Around the same time I started using the coconut oil treatment on my daughter, I started on my own, too.

With everything, there’s an adjustment period. I couldn’t just slap it on and call myself beautiful. Nope, that would be too easy. But I embraced the greasy phase and did as I usually did until finally, I wasn’t greasy anymore.

What I did was put a whole mess of the coconut oil on my hair once after I showered and my hair was still wet. I applied it, and let it be for 24 hours until I showered again. All I did was rinse my hair, as per usual. It dried just as greasy as it was before I washed it. No big surprise there.

But then something crazy happened. For the next week of showers, I’d rinse my hair, brush it with the wide tooth comb and let it be. Then the greasy went away, so while in the shower, I’d apply a quarter size to just the bottom half of my hair, where it’s driest, let it sit for a few minutes, then brush and rinse it out again.

I’ve been doing this every other day now, and wouldn’t you know? My hair is actually absorbing the oil and it’s moisturized, curly and actually, like, normal.

I’ve done my research on coconut oil. It’s virtually the only oil that hair can actually absorb. That hair is a hollow tube that requires protein to heal. Coconut oil is a healthy protein that can be absorbed to make the hair fuller and stronger.

Also, curly haired individuals have naturally dry hair. Sad but true.

Reason 3:

Coconut oil has slowed how often I need to shave, which let me tell you – at this point in my pregnancy is wonderful. I don’t know why or how, but it has. I haven’t had to shave in 3 weeks and all I have is a day after stubble. That’s a big win.

Reason 4:

That dandruff I used to complain to myself about? Gone. GONE. Like, none. At all. Healthy scalp.

I mean, honestly, those who have had dandruff before know it’s just not a fun time. And while I’m thankful I have light enough hair where it hides well enough, it doesn’t hide completely. And there are things that people will silently notice.

Reason 5:

I finally learned how to french braid. It’s really the little things. But Claire has baby fine hair, so I’d have to wet it to braid it, and then she’d complain that I’d get water in her face and blah, blah, blah. First world problems, I know. Anyhow, I’d put a little coconut oil in her hair, brush it, braid it and then bam! Braided hair AND it was super shiny. The coconut oil made it easier to grip, too, because it’s not super oily, rather kind of waxy when it’s put into dry hair.

Reason 6:

I’ve been using coconut oil as a lotion, too. I’ve noticed that it’s slowly evening my skin tones out, and fading marks, which, when you have a giant protruding belly, that’s really a wonderful thing. In the beginning, the coconut oil wasn’t enough and my skin was still dry. I added in some olive oil and it still wasn’t enough. So I added in vitamin E oil. BAM. Magic. I finally found the magical concoction that works for me.

I’ve had questions from people regarding the coconut oil mixture and it’s absorbability. For me, who has normal skin, not overly dry, it absorbs in about 10 minutes or less and once it does, my skin is left feeling soft, not greasy. It leaves no film on my hands and I’m able to open jars and stuff after putting it on my body. It smells like coconuts, yes. The smell doesn’t last forever. And no, it hasn’t stained my clothes as far as I know, and I don’t wait the full 10 minutes for it to absorb before I get dressed.

Here’s my current coconut oil lotion ratio:

One Jar of Trader Joe’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
1/4 cup EVOO
3 TBS vitamin E oil
10-12 drops of rose oil (optional, but is great for smell and aging skin)

I whip it up in my stand mixer (you can use a hand mixer if you’d like) starting with the coconut oil, then adding each ingredient one at a time until well blended. Then I replace it in the TJ’s jar. There is always leftovers, obviously, so I have a mason jar on standby.

I do this once or twice a day, and always immediately after showering.

Reason 7:

Remember Mae’s coffee burn she had on her belly? They said it would most likely scar. After it started to close up and I still had to keep it moist, I used coconut oil, along with my trusty tea tree oil. I can tell you with 100% certainty, it did not scar. There is one teeny-tiny, slightly discolored spot that remains, and it’s about the size of a baby’s nail. That’s it.

I’m thankful for coconut oil, as lame as that is.

So, in short, coconut oil! Fist bump!


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  1. I wanted to ask you about Mae’s burn for the last two weeks and always forgot… glad to hear it healed so well!
    After I read your “I’ve gone natural”-tip of leaving the coconut oil in over night as a hair mask I slapped some in my hair (which was awfully dry, although I have straight hair) and left it in for two days. Since I didn’t put it on the roots and wore my hair in a bun, I don’t think anybody noticed. After two days, there was significantly less oil in there, and although I had to use shampoo to get it out because of a presentation I had to give, my hair is definitely less dry. One more reason for me to love it! (Already used it as a facial moisturizer every now and then and I adore the smell – can’t get enough of it!)

  2. One day after your kids are grown up, they’ll think of you every time the have a Mounds Bar.

  3. Thanks, bro! It might be helpful to people if you talk ratios for the coconut oil, olive oil, and vitamin E and mention putting it in the blender.

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