Mae-Mae, you’re two!


I know I’ve said this a lot, but I’m not going to stop, so you’re just going to have to get used to it.


You keep growing. Like, a lot. And fast. And it’s not so much that I don’t like that you’re growing, it’s that, if you’re growing, then everyone’s growing. It’s a part of life, I know, but you just did it so fast.


You’re the definition of fearless and learned a lot of things the hard way.


You’re already counting, nearly potty trained and you can run almost as fast as your brother and sister. You don’t let it get you down when your sister catches you using her colors in her room. You just go downstairs and get more colors and color in places I tell you not to. Or just do what you feel like doing.


Listening is not your strong point, but if I yell cheese stick, you drop everything and come running.


You used to hate to get dressed up, but now you’ve come to realize that it’s actually a lot of fun and one of the ways to get Claire to play with only you.

iPhone 001

You help yourself to whatever you can in the fridge or pantry. There are days where you will have to go through five different options before I approve of one, because a box of uncooked pasta isn’t a snack. You also hide your sippy cups and hoard stuffed animals.


You’re funny, Mae. Aside from the not listening, the giving your sister a hard time as she clips you into your car seat and screaming “NO!” at me when I tell you to go to time out, you’re a good time. You’re not overly dependent, love to draw, are a pretty awesome sharer, and can’t get enough of cottage cheese.

You take your time to figure things out and insist on doing it your way. While it may be the frustrating way for me, you learn a lot faster, and more importantly, on your own.

If I could keep you this age forever, I probably wouldn’t, but I would keep your chubby cheeks, your amazing smile and your really awesome hugs.


There are times, yes, where I am happy it’s nap time, but that’s only human. To test me is what you were born to do, and you do it well. I’ll still never get enough of who you are and who you are very quickly becoming.

You’re becoming a sweet little girl with a love for kitties and your daddy and the Lion King. You’re kind and curious and such an amazing little girl.


And I’m so glad you’re mine.

iPhone 013

I know I said you made our family complete, and you really did, but you’re also not meant to be the youngest. You’re far too adventurous and free spirited to not share that with another sibling. Your willingness to share and be helpful is contagious.  You still find the beauty in every day and you simply roll with the punches.

I love you, Mae. I love all of you, even if I don’t always like all of you.  I want you to know that. I want you to know that you’re a good kid. That you’re amazing and wonderful and simply beautiful, inside and out. That you’ve got two big siblings to look up to and a soon to be little sibling to teach.

If you ever feel sad or scared, I’ll always be here for you. When times get tough, because they do sometimes, it’s OK to cry. That after a really long day, when it feels like no one listened to you, I will. And that no matter what time of day it is, I’m here.

That one day, you’re going to grow up and be five, and then ten and then sixteen and then out of the house. And when that day comes, I want you to always remember what I told you on your second birthday. That no matter how big the world may seem sometimes, you can always come home. If someone tells you that you can’t do something, you do your best to figure out how to do it, and you do it right. Always strive to be the best person you can be and never settle. If you find that life is getting too complicated and confusing, take a deep breath, because life isn’t supposed to be that hard. It’s challenging and scary sometimes, yes, but it should always be worth the hard work you put into it.

I never want you to feel sad, and when you cry, I want to cry, too. But always remember, tomorrow is another day and you can try again.

iphone 004

You’re the sweetest, most incredible little two year old I know, Mae. Please don’t ever change. You can grow, but don’t change who you are. Because as I always say, Miss Mae, who you are is my very favorite thing.




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  1. Happy birthday, Mae!
    I love being able to watch her grow up via your blog, and to see who she is becoming. And I love your letters to your kids, Cassie. This one is, again, so so beautiful… as is she!

  2. My very favorite of your blog posts are your happy birthday posts to your children. And I love the photos.

  3. Aw, what a great post. And those pics; they tell such stories. It is obvious Mae is full of life and laughter. I love the black and white one for the sheer beauty.

  4. Happy Birthday Mae. You’re filled with so much spirit and joy (and your high kicks are the best!)

  5. You know I stop thinking kids are cute once they pass one year, but . . . I might actually think Mae is cuter now than ever? This whole post makes me really worried that you expect her to get into drugs and get jailed and possibly become estranged, though.

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