Still in love with my OB

I’m pretty sure if I got some sort of referral perk for how many people I’ve sent to my OB, I’d be due for a  free delivery by now. Like a have three get the fourth free deal. I think I’m due for one.

It’s no secret, I love my OB. I’ve mentioned this before on many occasions.

Times may have changed, but I still love her.

Today I went in for my weekly until the baby comes appointment and she said the three magic words I’ve heard since my very first pregnancy, “Long, posterior, closed.” Well, no. I lie. She said fingertip. But still. That’s pretty much closed. I don’t do anything until I all of a sudden do, and from previous experience, has always been in the 39th week. I’m 37.5 right now. So don’t expect a baby until at least the 23rd. I’ve got myself pegged for the 27th.

So I told this to my doc.

Me: So, I’m thinking the baby will be born on the 27th.

OB: That sounds like a good day. I can handle that. Just don’t go on the weekend of the 22nd. I’m not on call, and I’ll need the break after being on call for 10 days straight.

Me: Well, I’ll sit tight, then.

OB: I mean, but if you DO go into labor, you know I’ll be there. I won’t miss this delivery for the world. I’ll probably call you at home to make sure I don’t miss it.

Me: And this is why I love you.

OB: Though, if you can, try to avoid rush hour. I enjoy the middle of the night calls.

Me: Noted.

OB: But still, I’ll be there. Even if I’m not on call, I’ll be there.

The other day I was standing in the kitchen and it just kind of hit me, there’s a human in my belly. Like, if it came out now, it would look like a baby. But it’s in me. Wiggling. Growing. Leaching off of me.

I mean, really. Think about it. It’s SO. WEIRD.

Sure, sure. It’s beautiful. But let’s get real. The process of how it is to be is amazing, yes, but it’s odd. And there’s a kid, right now, in my belly, blinking and growing and sucking it’s thumb and, you know, being a baby. But in a little water bed. In my belly. You know, totally normal.

Yes. I know. I’ve done this before. But it never ceases to amaze me. Humans. Coming out of humans. Every day.

Mind. Blown.

Gosh I need more sleep.

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  1. Hah! You know, I always thought if I were pregnant, I would be totally freaked out by growing a kid in my belly. When I see other pregnant women, I just think it’s great and magical and all that, but when I imagine myself being pregnant, having a moving, living human being inside of me? As you said: SO. WEIRD. Kind of comforting to know that you as a soon-to-be mother of four have similar feelings…
    Oh, and your OB is one of the best doctors I ever heard of.

  2. So who is your ob-gyn?! I am glad for you that you are having such a great experience. I have no idea what personalized attention is like. I have been going to the same practice for over a dozen years, and once I saw a different doc who had no clue I had had a kid (who was five at the time, mind you). One might think the doc might have looked at my chart to ascertain that pertinent info. But no. Now I see a midwife there, which seems kind of funny since I have no plans to have any more kids, but I like her.

    Hey, let’s all pick a date of when we think you are doing to have the kid and the winner gets nothing but the satisfaction of being right. I say the 26th because it just popped into my mind. 🙂

    • I see Mary Olson. I plan on doing a guess the gender and day I go sometime next week. But I’ll remember you for the 26th. You’ve got good odds because my kids have all been born on an even day.

  3. The whole thing would totally creep me out, if I were female… like it was the worlds fattest tapeworm, or some other parasite feeding on me. But since I’m in the clear, I can be all, “whatevs…”

  4. Pregnancy is the *weirdest*.

    Also, the 27th is a lovely day to be born. It’s my mother’s birthday. 🙂

  5. We all know this kid doesn’t play by the same rules your other kids did. I bet it comes on its due date.

    And having a doctor you trust and love for the duration of your pregnancy and delivery is everything.

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