Sweets for your sweet

This morning, Matt made chocolate chip pancakes for the kids, gave them each a tee shirt (Super man for C & L and Hello Kitty for M) and let me sleep in.

This is a fantastic holiday.

All day Claire and Luca have been hugging and making Valentines. I think I got about four. They’re all over the house, taped on the walls.

I know we’re supposed to love each other every day, but life happens and we sometimes forget. So having a day to do something special aside from birthdays is fun. I’m not a huge romantic, and I’m not big on hugs, but I do love to love. I show my love through baking. Today I made these:

photo (65)Oh my god, they’re good. And I don’t like overly chocolate things. I find using cocoa powder makes cookies bitter tasting, like dark chocolate, which I’m not a fan of. But these are sweet, almost as if I used milk chocolate chips.

I’m excited about it.

I just hope Matt likes them.

He gave me the sweat pants I wanted from Old Navy. So the cookies better taste good.

Yes, I ask for things like sweat pants. What’s your point?

Baking makes me happy. I figure if I’m going to spend an obscene amount of time at the gym, I may as well enjoy a sweet now and then. I love the looks on my kids’ faces when they bite into something I’ve made. They ask me what I’m making and if it’s their favorite.

Of course, everything is their favorite.

I’m also making stuffed shells in the slow cooker for dinner tonight and have some delicious bread I made the other day.

Oh, and broccoli. Because Mae is on a huge broccoli kick and I’m not going to deny her. She may refuse to use the darn toilet for anything other than pee, but the heck if I will keep her from eating ‘little trees.’

And now it’s awfully quiet in my house a half hour earlier than usual, because Mae grabbed her two Care Bears (compliments of my friend Kelly) and said to me, “Mimi go bed. Mimi tired.”

And just like the broccoli, I won’t deny my kid a nap.

I’m so selfless. I think I deserve a cookie.

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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. You’re cute with your sweatpants. I ask for things like new lenses, Per Se lunches, studio apartments near the water . . .

  2. TWO posts about double chocolate cookies?! Plus FB and Instagram. Something tells me it’s a good thing I’m not on Twitter.

    Really though, happy Valentine’s to you and your adorable family. I’m going to get Sarah to Facetime with Mae so Mae can tell her about the joy of eating little trees and wanting to nap. Now that sounds like the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

  3. If I ate enough of those cookies, I’d need a pair of sweatpants.

  4. Today I made chocolate chip cookies, M&M cookies and my chocolate chip cookies, minus the chocolate chips, but plus chopped up raspberry Hugs. Yum!

    So glad the Care Bears are getting loved. They were neglected for years here.

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