Fitness at 38 weeks

Heeeeeeey-o! I made it! 38 weeks! I can’t believe it. I mean, I can, but I can’t. 26 weeks ago, I thought I had lost baby forever and here I am, just waiting for the big day.

One thing I can say is that I’m not overly anxious. I’ve always gone in the 39th week, so I’m pretty convinced that it won’t happen for another week at least. I’m enjoying what short amount of time I have left by doing what I always do.

My fitness hasn’t changed too much. I’m really proud of this fact. I’ve talked about it a lot and not just to toot my own horn, but to give other pregnant women hope. That even in the face of adversity, given it’s safe, you can still do what you love.

I love exercise. I love to sweat. I love to be active. And I love most of all that I’m 38 weeks and still going at it. I still teach RPM 3 days a week and just yesterday I did 5 out of the 7 tracks. I have to sit out of sprints because all I do is kick my belly with my knees. But no way was I going to sit out of doing jumps to Mötley Crüe. Kickstart My Heart, people. Priorities.

Today I was at Body Pump and a girl new to the class, but in decent shape, asked if it was OK if she followed my lead on how much weight I use for each track because she figured that since I’m pregnant I’m going a little easier. I told her no problem what so ever, but my instructor, who overheard, said to the new girl, “She may be really pregnant, but I don’t think she knows what ‘going easy’ means.”

After class the new girl said to me, “That’s impressive! Thanks for pushing me.”

And that’s what I love. I love it that I can still motivate and push others to be the best they can be. I also love it when I can push myself based on what others do. During RPM, the members push me. I consider them friends and even family and I love that we work hard together. It’s an awesome cycle.

I don’t see being pregnant as a disability. I know my body. I know my body so well that I knew I was pregnant before I even missed a period. Before I even took a test. I just knew. And that’s saying something since it wasn’t a planned pregnancy.

I know my body.

So for me, fitness at 38 weeks is what it is. I may not be able to do push ups on my toes anymore because of the giant weight in my middle, my upright rows may be a little awkward and I look like a turtle on my back (on a bench that’s inclined) showing how to do core work, but I do what I can. I still go. I still do. I still sweat. And I feel great.

Jokingly someone told me that she imagines I’ll be back to fighting shape 3 hours after I give birth. I, equally joking, said, “Well as soon as my epidural wears off, I’m solid.”

I’m excited to get back into shape, safely. I’m excited to continue on my journey of fitness. I’m glad that my kids are into it now. I’m so glad I get to lead by example. I can’t wait until I get my new treadmill on Sunday so I can successfully train for the Rock ‘n Roll half marathon and hopefully set a new PR without having to get babysitters just to go for a run.

Most of all, I can’t wait to show myself what I can do. Because if I can do all that I’m doing now with a bowling ball – albeit a cute bowling ball – in my belly, I can surely up the bar and impress myself.

One thing I’ve learned in my 28 years is that I can only live up to my own expectations. No one else’s. So what if mine are a little high? It just means I have to push myself and not give up. I don’t set myself up to fail, but I don’t make it easy either. I want to be healthy and I want to be there for my kids as long as I can. I want to grow old with Matt and be able to live in my own home for as long as possible. I want to be running marathons into my sixties. I want to be able to travel and enjoy everything life has to offer me, and I want to do it in the most healthy way possible, while eating cake. And pie.

And cookies.

Oh, and cherry turnovers, too.

I want to live the best possible life I can live and this is how I do it.

So for those out there pregnant, do what feels right. For those who are looking to improve their fitness, what are you waiting for? Working out gives me the most incredible high, gives me amazing amounts of energy and decreases the amount of guilt I feel when I don’t always eat right. It’s good for the mind and the body and the self confidence. Because we all know what we look like naked. Why not make it a little more appealing?

Just get fit and get happy.

I’ll see you at the gym.


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  1. Cassie –

    I have a requested blog post topic for you; if you have any motivation to write about it. I am in my 31st week and I find your point of view on things really thought provoking.

    You call yourself not a hippie; yet, a lot of what you do falls a bit into “hippie” category. 🙂 🙂 Most people who make similar choices as you do are also hell bent on home births or drug free births.

    I would love to get your perspective as a “hippie” nurse on why you choose a hospital birth with an epdiural. I aspire to be more hippie everyday on the all natural front (with food especially) but fully intend to give birth in a hospital with some pain maintenance!! 🙂

    • Funny you say that. I think I may have written about it before at one point, but in a nutshell, it’s because I want to enjoy my labor/delivery. I’m crunchy, yes, but I’m also into modern medicine. I don’t frown at those who choose home labor and natural births, I believe it’s a completely personal decision. The way I feel about it, basically, is that I know pain. I don’t enjoy pain. What I do enjoy is remembering my delivery, being able to talk to my husband, enjoy my last few moments of pregnancy and do it while being numb from the waist down.

      I take that back. I get a limited epidural, in that, I only get a small amount of meds, and have a PCA pump, where I can give myself more meds if I need, but I typically choose not to. I like to have the edge taken off, but still have feeling in my legs and belly so I can still experience what’s going on, but I’m not nagging the nurse for pain meds every two seconds because I know what that feels like on the nurse’s end.

      With my first labor, I wanted to hold out as long as possible and while being on the Pitocin drip, I was still so tense that I wasn’t progressing and every 30 minutes they’d up my dose. That was painful and frankly, I was tired of it. Once I got my epidural I progressed nicely and had a very, VERY easy labor. My other two were even easier and I don’t regret it one bit.

      So I suppose, that’s my thoughts on it. Would I ever do a natural birth? I really have no desire. I think if I had planned it from the beginning I would pursue it, but I do so many other natural things, I think I’m allowed this one bit of chemical infused fun, right?

      Thanks for this! I never really sat down and thought about it. It was more just kind of how it happened with my first, because I had no idea what I was doing, and then I just kind of went with it every other pregnancy.

      Congrats on your pregnancy!

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