Yesterday I planned my RPM list to be a very difficult one. I didn’t want the members to go soft on me while I was gone, and at this point, who knows when my last class will be for a (short) while.

I took my time, picked the songs that meant something to me, or that would push them.

Track 3 was a song that I dedicated to them. I said, “I may not be a big fan of hugs, but I do love you guys and want to dedicate this song to you.”

It’s a song that basically sums up how I feel about them. “Because of you, it’s what I do.” Because of them, that’s why I’m 38 weeks and still trying. Sure, I’m not on the bike for the entire class and I can’t push as hard as I can, but they make me want to be there. They drive me to be the instructor that I am.

It was a tough class, but at the end, they were all smiles, but quickly shuffled out.

Two friends stayed behind chatting, but I found it odd that more didn’t, because they usually do.

I stayed in the room, filled out the book, cleaned my bike and walked out to the lobby.

When I got out there, there were ten or so people all standing around the tv looking at it, and my first thought was, “Oh no, was the president shot?”

No. No he wasn’t.

The table was covered with balloons, cupcakes, treats and plates. Then they yelled surprise.

I had no idea.

Not a one.

Having a fourth kid is kind of a big deal in my head, but I never assumed I’d get a shower for it. I figured I would have a kid, a pat on the back and get back at it.

The fact that they considered me enough of a friend to even want to throw me a shower, let alone stage it as a surprise is huge. I kind of always figured I was liked, but I was their instructor and they were just thankful that I had more personality than a brick wall.

People typically come to RPM because it’s RPM. So even if a monkey was teaching it, it’s still RPM and they’re happy.

But I was wrong.

I was way wrong.

They’re my friends and they did something that friends do for another friend. They throw showers for them regardless if it’s their first or tenth kid. They come faithfully to their classes and make it a priority. They sign up for spinathons for ridiculous amounts of time and raise money for their friend’s kid.

They’re good people.

They’re my people.

And I’m so thankful for them all.



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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. I love that you assumed the President had been shot. It’s like how I assume I’m getting fired every single time my manager calls me.

  2. I remember when my fellow choir members had a little baby-shower-like thing for me after practice one day. It came as a complete surprise. We were supposed to be celebrating the director’s bday in the parish center, and I completed missed the bathtub full of stuff and the baby cake as I was focused on HIS cake. Someone literally had to walk me over and say it was for me.

    It is nice when you can touch people enough for them to want to do something like that, especially in your case when you are kicking their butts! 😉

  3. This is so sweet and well deserved. And I love the photo of the kids chowing down!

  4. That’s so sweet! You’re good people, and like attracts like!

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