We have finally been sprung from the hospital and it’s never felt better. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep there whatsoever, so when people would ask if I’ve been able to sleep, I’d smile and say, “Not yet, but I’m almost home.”


Today I took the most glorious 2 hour nap ever.

Coming home was exactly as I hoped it would be. It was almost…well, too good. I’m waiting for it to hit the fan.


We got home to controlled chaos, the kids all hugged our legs, then doted over the baby. My mom, who looked relieved for us to be home, gave me a quick run down on all the food she prepared for us. Because she’s AWESOME. Lunch was in the oven, dinner was on the stove and Matt even had a pot roast for him in the crock pot. (Because he’s the only one who will eat it here. I’m one of those weird people who doesn’t eat cows or pigs, and the kids have never had it before. Doubt he was willing to share anyhow.)

Mae followed Matt around while he unpacked, Luca sang Audrey twinkle, twinkle and Claire read Audrey a book about a dog named Stella.


Sadie gave us a face that screamed, “Really, guys? Another one?”


We hung out for a while on the floor while Audrey napped in her car seat, took some photos, read some more books, then ate lunch and napped.

I can’t make this stuff up.

We had not one tear, not one, “NO BABY!” not one “LOOK AT ME!” not one need to yell.

I know that this is obviously temporary, but still. This is insane.

I feel like I need to pinch someone to make them cry to have a bit of normalcy, but whatever. Audrey has been napping the majority of the day and slept in her Amby bed when I napped and, you know, slept for 3 hours straight. And even then I woke her up to bring her downstairs because I missed her. Now she’s sleeping in her chair in the living room while Matt naps and the kids watch some really bad tv.

There’s nothing I’m supposed to be doing right now. Shortly after we got home, I did the dishes, folded some laundry and made baby wipes just to show the kids that life is normal and it’s not going to be that much different despite a new body in the house. I honestly think that is what kept the kids so calm. Mom was back, Dad was back and lunch was made.

So it’s been a good homecoming.

In other news, yesterday I looked at photos from when Claire and Mae were first born. Let’s take a peek, shall we?


10 12 08Mae:



Twinsies! This is going to be so much fun to see how similar and different they end up looking.

And now, as I watch Matt try to nap while Mae pokes him incessantly, I bet he’s wishing he napped this afternoon instead of running.

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  1. It is incredible how that baby already looks like a human being.

  2. You make beautiful babies! Glad you had such a nice homecoming – sounds absolutely perfect! And Claire and Luca look so excited! So Mae isn’t really interested at this point?

  3. Mae has a twin! Glad you guys are getting back to normal. I hope little Miss Audrey continues to be a champion sleeper for you, and the kids continue to be sweet little angels.

  4. You have 6 freakin’ people and a dog in your house! That’s only two away from Brady Brunch territory. Take it all in. My best friend’s daughter turns 21 this week. I remember the day she was born. I swear it was like four years ago. And now.. poof. 21.

    You’ve got a lot of lives to enjoy. Soak up the blessings.

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