A brief intermission

Well that was fun. Saturday, everyone minus myself and Audrey went to Matt’s sister’s house to celebrate their parent’s anniversary.

Everyone came home, happy as could be.

Then Sunday afternoon Luca threw up all over the bleachers at Shadyside Academy during Claire’s softball practice. He is now known as barf boy.

OK, he’s not. But I can just see all the little 5-8 year old girls dubbing him that.

He continued to throw up five more times, then got  a burst of energy (albeit at 4 AM) and has been fine since.

Matt was sick all day yesterday.

Then we get a text from his sister, his sister in law,  his cousin and his mom. All sick.

Dropping like flies, I tell ya!

Poor Matt missed another day of work which totally stressed him out, but in my opinion, had he of gone into work, he would have also been dubbed barf boy.

What does one do the day after everyone is sick? Yes. It’s 9:40 and my house smells of minty vinegar and is spotless. Ain’t no one getting the baby sick, man.

In all honesty, I think it’s something they ate. Because only 6 of the people there got sick and I’m just fine. Now, watch. Me saying that I’ll be puking within the hour, but whatever. That’s not the point.

I feel fine, the girls are all fine. We’re good.

Anyhow, during that brief intermission, I got a good taste of what it’ll be like when Matt’s gone all day and possibly into the late evening, being as he was laid up in bed.

Not so fun.

But I was also frustrated as well, so that never helps.

One thing I will say, however, is I’m so glad Mae is potty trained. Only one diapered body to change a day is wonderful. BUT, she clearly took a page out of a man’s book and enjoys sitting on the toilet for extended periods of time. I mean, seriously, where is the appeal? Do your thing, flush, wash your hands and peace out. Why linger? (I’m rolling my eyes here.)

Any how, today has been much more pleasant. Matt’s at work, (which is nice because nothing is more frustrating than having another adult in the house, who isn’t able to do jack shit when all the stuff is hitting the fan,) the house is clean, I’m listening to the music that I’m teaching tonight for RPM and the kids are subsequently undoing all the things I cleaned. Whatever.

Sadie has been extremely annoying lately. Every time the baby wakes up in the middle of the night, she thinks someone is going to let her go outside. Yah, no, dog. That’s not how it works. I don’t care if your bladder is borderline ancient.

Fine, yes, I did let her out at 4 AM. So wasn’t I annoyed when at 7 she was jumping around as if she was neglected all night.

She is, however, pretty protective of the baby.

005What else is going on today?

035Audrey is sleeping.

043Claire helped me clean.

045Luca wanted to make all the gross faces before I told him to just smile already.

048And Mae is too busy being fabulous in her cardboard box to be bothered with photos.

So we’re healthy again and I’m on my own. Me vs. four. I’ve got this.

Also! Today will be my first day back ON the bike at the gym. Is it 6 o’clock yet?! I’m so excited!


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Glad everyone is feeling better.

  2. Ugh, yeah, that sounds horrible… I am glad that you and the girls are fine and Matt and Luca already feel better!
    And yay for a potty-trained Mae! Who looks so cute in that cardboard box, by the way. And the rest of the gang looks adorable too, of course.
    And of course you got this mother-of-four-gig, even though it might not always be fun – not only can you do it, you are doing it already.
    Hope you have great fun at RPM today!

  3. Glad you’re all feeling better. And hey, one kid for each limb! You can totally control Claire and Luca with your feet. You got this. Yay for RPM!

  4. Pinky had a stomach bug this weekend too. Luckily she had it at HER place, so she didn’t inconvenience ME by hurling all night.

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