Cold air and crafty

I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. What I hate is how it annoyingly makes me feel inferior. I’m not a person who is crafty enough to host these super intricate parties, especially for a kid who won’t remember it. That said, I am jealous of those who can.

What I love is when they give me great inspiration for fun projects such as making my cold air return pretty.

I used to have this god awful 12×24 metal cold air return vent cover. It was awful. And it was right in the middle of everything. It never really bothered me ,but it was just ugly.

A few years ago, Claire shredded her fingers up by strumming it, thinking she was having fun, until blood spewed everywhere.

So I guess that’s another reason to get rid of it. Because that wasn’t fun.

I decided it was time to get crafty and make it pretty.

But the only saws I own are two hand saws and a jigsaw. That wasn’t going to do the job.

My good friend, Dave did, though, and he came to the rescue, making the cuts for me so I could assemble it. But then he went the extra mile and assembled the frame, too, while his very pregnant wife, and also dear friend, and I went to Oakmont Bakery for some essentials.

He even caulked up the gaps.

So I promised him I would pre-drill the holes when mounting it to the wall, because, well, his wife was a week past due and I couldn’t be all – install it in my house for me.

I had to be a strong, independent woman here, people. I already pulled the dumb blonde card, so now I had to redeem myself as a feminist.

So I did it right. I primed it. I pre-drilled it. I even caulked the gaps.sanded it. And then I did the final coat of paint this afternoon.


And sure, it’s only a minor thing, and only cost me literally 17 dollars to do it, I feel so much better. My hallway doesn’t look so industrial and unfinished.


Well, until I get flooring put in. You know, in like twenty years. Because laminate roll out flooring is TOTALLY IN I TELL YOU.

Someone want to come lay hardwoods? No? OK. Fine.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Looks great. Now I want to see the “before” picture to see how hideous it used to be.

    I’m starting to dream dreams of new hardwood floors. Several thousands of dollars in my future. After the new roof, but before the new patio.

  2. Love it! Looks so nice. It’s the little things, after all.

    Now, back to my super over the top two-year-old birthday party plans. 😉

  3. That’s literally the exact same cover Kamran has on his radiator. Twinsies!

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