Sunday night, the kids and I were sitting on the couch eating apples. Claire got up and came over to me and said, “My tooth is super extra loose! See?”

I reached in and felt it. It felt sharp and awkward. So I grabbed it and with one swift pull, it came out.

She had no idea. I held it up and said, “Well, here’s your tooth.”

See, had I of told her that I was about to pull it out, she’d go all exorcist on me, like the time I had to hold her down to get her a flu shot. What I’ve learned with Claire is that it’s just best to tell her half truths or nothing at all.

That night, a friend of mine asked Claire what she was going to spend her tooth fairy money on. I told him she wanted to save her money for a Thor costume. He told me to have her save that money, and he would like to buy it for her, as a gift of thanks for what she’s doing for the Animal Rescue League.

He’s named her Kick Ass Claire, or KAC for short.

What did she do with her tooth fairy money, you ask? She put it in the ARL can she made. She wanted to donate it.

The costume will be here sometime today, a fact that I should have never told Claire in the first place. She’s nagged me every ten minutes since yesterday. She asked me to have a text alert set up from UPS. She asked me to check online. She’s asked me to check my email.

Then in a desperate attempt to make sure that the UPS guy knows which house to deliver it to, she drew a picture of Thor, wrote Thor on it, and then Claire taped it to the window.

If that suit doesn’t show up soon, I’m probably going to flip out for her.



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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Please, please watch Adventures in Babysitting with her. She’s the little sister.

    You have four amazing kids. And Audrey’s going to be different from the three you just wrote about. Can you imagine?

  2. I love that she knows UPS can send text notifications and emails. What a world we live in, huh? And I LOVE her in the Thor costume. She totally lives up to her KAC nickname in that thing.

  3. Well, it’s after 5 pm and I’m wondering if the UPS truck has come?

  4. I have been sick with a bad cold for almost a week (and now got a stomach bug on top) and not much can catch my attention for more than a few seconds, but I loved reading your posts about your beautiful kids, and they make me smile… Claire’s excitement and joy in that picture – just beautiful.

  5. Her putting the picture in the window made me LOL. Too precious. KAC, indeed. You could call her Kay-C, for short.

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