Like IKEA, but funner

A few months ago, I found a plan to build an outdoor sectional.

Then I looked up on the internet how much it would be just to buy a sectional.

It would be about 1500 dollars for the sectional OR it could be less than 150 dollars to build a sectional.

I chose to build the sectional.

But first, I had to get Matt on board.

See, this would involve power tools, stress, and more stress. And Matt tries to avoid stress when he can. Especially when I’m involved.

But I showed him the plans and he said OK.

I had to do a double take. Just like that he said OK.

I even told him it would involve me using and purchasing a compound miter saw.

He still was OK with that.

So this weekend we planned on building it. Yesterday, Matt bought the wood – 22 1x4x8’s to be exact – and left me to it. To cut the boards. Alone.

So I did it. I made all the cuts and after I was done, I did a little fist bump to the air.

Then we put together the center sectionals.

Then today, after Claire’s softball game, we built the end pieces.

It was like putting together furniture from IKEA but funner, because I spent half the amount and I got to drill and saw shit.

And here it is:


Next I get to fill the screw holes, sand it and paint it. So I’ll be done sometime before summer is over.

Oh who am I kidding. I hope to finish this week. Then I plan on building a privacy lattice screen so the whole world won’t see me on my fancy couch.

Oh, and I’ll have to get pillows for it, too.

The beauty of our second deck is that it’s our sun deck. It gets great morning sun and it’s right by the grill. Our original deck has the roof over top of it and we just ordered a new table and chairs for it, like real adults.

It’s funny. When we bought our house, we had just the first deck and it had no stairs. So it was just a space. We never used it. Plus the sun would beat down and it was completely unusable.

Then we built the second deck and the stairs that were built off that were wonky, so again, we didn’t use it.

Then last summer we got the stairs fixed and a roof built over the first deck, complete with a ceiling fan.

But we still didn’t use it.

The patio set we had would blow over in the wind and was starting to mold and was generally uncomfortable.

Now? Now we have a real, honest to god out door dining set with chairs and benches and a matching sectional for the first deck and now a deep seating sectional for the second deck. We look like we live there. Like we care. And I’m so excited, for the first time in the 7 years we’ve lived here, to spend time outside on the deck in comfort, and let’s face it, style.

Being an adult is fun.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. That is going to be the perfect place to layout and soak up the sun. Put some cushions on it and save me a seat!

  2. Measure twice; cut once.

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