Best Friends

My google side bar is pretty fantastic. It has a clock, a blog feed, a news feed and a photo ticker. Every now and again a photo will pop up and make me smile or reminisce or even go “When the heck did that happen?”

Today Claire and Luca spent about 20 minutes wrestling and giggling, an hour playing Lion King where Claire was Simba and Luca was Scar, 15 minutes giving each other horsey rides and 5 minutes attempting to read Edwina by Mo Willems.

It’s safe to say those two are best friends.

It’s a rarity that they argue. I don’t say this to be all, “My kids are the best,” I say this because it’s true. They really get along. I think part of it is the age difference, the other part is that Claire is very accommodating. She doesn’t instigate often and loves being the bigger kid – even if that requires carting her siblings around on her back.

In the very beginning, Claire wasn’t too fond of Luca.


6 20 09 (6)Pause for a laugh break. I can’t help it.

But she quickly got over the fact that he wasn’t going anywhere and sucked it up. She realized that she could do things he couldn’t and that was incentive enough to give him a try.

Since then, they’ve pretty much have been inseparable.

The photo that sparked this was of when we were adding on our second deck:

007This is basically how they are – every day.

Remember last year when Claire willingly gave me five dollars from her piggy bank to buy Luca a Captain America mask? They still play in that pretty much every day.

081Every. Day.

061Now. My sister and I? Best friends. I remember wrestling with her and giggling for hours. I remember making up ridiculous games with her and talking when we should have been sleeping.

What I don’t remember is fighting much with her. Maybe that’s just because I choose to remember the happy memories with her, because honestly what sisters don’t fight? Moreover, our fights had to be rather limited because the only time I remember being really angry with her was over something (which I can’t remember) that resulted in me calling her a bad name and slamming her door in her face. Pretty sure she laughed at me and we made up a few hours later.

Now we’re adults and have nothing to fight over.

That’s what I hope for my kids. That they continue to be best friends. That even when friends and boyfriends and girlfriends enter the scene, they’ll still be best friends. That when good or bad things happen to them, they will still have each other.

I often wonder where Mae and Audrey will fit into their little clique. Claire is very good about asking Mae to play with them, but Luca is quickly frustrated by her two year old antics. Mae is also his roommate. So they have a lot of time crammed together, unwillingly. Luca likes to play with Legos alone, Mae likes to destruct his Legoland when he walks away. Luca likes to sleep in, Mae likes to make it very clear when she wakes up. Luca likes to read quietly and Mae likes to try to take the book he’s reading away.


Like the Odd Couple.

So far, everyone likes Audrey.

baby time 052bw Though, of course, that’s subject to change.

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  1. Oh gawd, my older two seem to be constantly bickering. bicker bicker bicker. GAH!
    But then I notice that they will happily play, play, play if mama is out of earshot (so they think). Sometimes anyway. And then Kate does something that drives Flora right around the bend. They have different temperments, too, and Kate needs to learn to be alone sometimes. Flora likes downtime, likes her space, likes to read. Kate wants to play play play, and if that doesn’t happen, harrass harrass harrass.

    I hope they grow up to be best friends, too, though. Dan and I tell them all the time: You (and M, obviously) will be all each other has when we are gone. Work it out!

  2. I can’t wait to see how the dynamics unfold with your four too! I fought with both my sisters some, but remember bossing Shannon around until she stopped putting up with it. And I used to get mad when my sister, who is 7 years younger, insisted on being in my room and hanging out with me and my friends. But other than that, I’m pretty sure the younger two were too busy fighting one another to bother me much.

    I will also be interested to see how Sarah and baby #2 handle each other.

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