What I did today

Today I:

Registered Claire for kindergarten. (I didn’t even cry.)

Upped my weights in Body Pump. (I mean, if I want those legs, I should probably start working towards them.)

Got the breakdown from Lowe’s for the new front door installation. (Thank God the door is 15% off, because custom built means custom price.)

Arranged delivery for the deck dining table and couch to be delivered on Monday. (I only ordered it last month.)

Got Claire’s eye doctor to call in her new prescription so I can get her a second pair of frames tomorrow. (She’s finally done patching!)

Ate oatmeal and an omelette for lunch. (Because that’s how I roll.)

Drank water. (I mean, a lot of freaking water.)

Watched Audrey sleep with her eyes open. (Because that’s how she rolls.)

Looked at my calender for the next month and stopped breathing for a brief moment. (Can we say Claire’s softball games, Matt’s softball games, my half marathon training and life?)

Confirmed my date with buddy Jen. We’re going to Xtreme Bingo with Lady Bunny. (I mean, who wouldn’t want to play Bingo with drag queens? Yay Pittsburgh Pride!)

And then I looked at my upcoming weekend and got tired. An extra RPM class, lunch with Tony and Tom, blood donations, Claire’s softball photo day…)

What am I going to do when all four kids are involved in things?

I need a nap.

About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. I looked at next week and had a heart attack. The kids and I have to be about 3 places at once 3 times! Plus, we’re buying a new car. So, no worries. (yeah, right.) Hug Tom and Tony for me!!

  2. I wish I could do lunch with all of you! I feel tired and I just have one and birthday parties. Better teach Claire to start driving soon.

  3. C. can’t be in kindergarten!! I thought you were going to keep her home forever and teach her to breastfeed A. to give you a break.

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