Tuesday can suck it

Yesterday was bad. Like, really bad. Monday was bad, too. But having a crappy Monday then a crappy start to a Tuesday just ensures the fact that Tuesday was going to be a bad day.

Why was Tuesday bad? Here’s the highlights:

1. I’ve discovered that almost four year old tantrums are way worse than two year old tantrums. Why? Because you can reason with a four year old. They understand consequences to their actions. But do they care? No. They don’t give a shit. They’re mad and they don’t care who knows it.

So how did the tantrum go down?

Claire had only two more miles to run in order to be at the 25 she needed in order to race Saturday – her final 1.2 miles to become a kid marathoner. A pretty big deal.

Yesterday was gorgeous. Sunny and in the upper 60’s. Perfect. I only own a double jogger, and I have more kids that I care to handle sometimes, but Luca wanted to bike alongside. That’s cool, because I was prepared to stick Audrey in the Moby wrap and have Mae and Luca in the stroller. No biggie.

Way biggie.

Luca, as determined as he can be, can’t keep up with his sister, even on a bike, which irritates him. Then his little legs can’t push him up the hills and he starts to yell. Loudly.

Now I live in the kind of neighborhood that, on a good day, you hear the birds chirping, the neighbor mowing their lawn and an occasional dog barking. That’s it. So let’s just say this serves as a public apology to my neighbors for what followed.

He yelled. And cried. Then fake cried. Then cried some more. And when Claire, so proudly came running past me after finishing her last cul de sac, and was on the home stretch, I was so proud, but wanted to strangle Luca.

Mind you, this was day two in a row of him freaking out, for no real good reason.

2. Audrey. Yesterday was a bad day for Audrey. She’s entering that annoying phase where she wants to see all the things that are going on while awake, but honestly hates being awake. She’s spent the first two months of her life asleep off and on, and frankly, everyone liked her better that way. But awake she has become and if I’m not holding her up to see all the goings on, then blast you mother! I WILL YELL.

She’s not discriminatory towards who she will yell at, too. Because she didn’t spare the daycare ladies Monday night. She was kind to them on Tuesday, though, because when I went to pick her up after teaching, they said to me, “What’d you drug her with?”

3. The dentist.

Matt took Claire and Luca (and himself) to the dentist for their six month appointment. When I got home, Claire proudly said, “I have a cavity!”


And then Matt said that they’re only using Novocaine on her. Yah. Ha ha. HA HA HA. Good luck with that Dr. Griffin. I know for a fact that just a few months ago I had to body block her to get her a flu shot. Not a high point in my life.

Further more, I don’t want her having a lifelong fear of the dentist. Because really, who enjoys the dentist? I don’t mind it, but I’m happier when they say I’m fine and can leave without any drama.

But then Matt says to me, “Luca’s news is worse.”

See, last week or the week before – I can’t remember – Luca was accidently pushed into the bookshelf, and there was blood. Again, the gums above his teeth were bleeding pretty bad and already turning purple.

About a year ago, Luca had fallen at the gym and that was when he had to see Dr. Griffin in the first place, because he was complaining of pain. Dr. Griffin said that his tooth would probably turn black because his nerves were involved and not to be alarmed, but he’ll be fine. His jaw was only minorly bruised and not fractured.

But see, in Luca’s world, it’s two strikes and you’re out, and now his nerve is severed and his tooth is loose and, insult to injury, has developed an abscess in the gums.

What does mean?

It means surgery. It means sedation. It means probable intubation.

Yesterday, I freaked out. However, Cassie’s version of freaking out is probably what a stoner looks like before he tokes up. I was still calm, I didn’t let Luca see it and texted back and forth with Jessica.

Then I drank wine.

It was good.

4. Both my CPR and Nursing Licenses expire soon. Annoying.

Today is a bit better. The scale was kind to me, and I’m now only 8 pounds away from pre-Audrey weight. The sun is shining and only three of the four kids have freaked out on me. Could totally be worse.

That said, this week can be done now. Because I am having one hell of a time trying to get anyone who is a pediatric oral surgeon to call me back. Luca freaked out on me again, and so I have very little sympathy for him in this very moment and Audrey is being awfully needy for a fourth kid.

BUT, in good news, Claire ran her final mile today, which brings her to 25 miles run since March and on Saturday, when she runs her final 1.2 miles, she’ll be a marathoner.

Plus, the last two days of her running she’s said she’s had so much fun. So maybe she’s found something she could really enjoy.

I just want some quiet. So when 1 o’clock rolls around, EVERYONE’S TAKING A NAP and I’m going to sit on my couch and stare and enjoy some silence. Because damnit, I deserve it.

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  1. It’s entirely possible they could do a topical numbing gel before the novocaine needle goes in for Claire. And hopefully they can do it in a way where she won’t see it coming. Good luck!

    • And any good dentist knows how to put the needle in without any pain.

      • I agree! Maybe you can get her to wear some kind of glasses that will shield her eyes from the needle. Good luck also finding an oral surgeon for Luca.

      • Our dentist is phenomenal. It’s just her anticipation. Forget giving her a shot, it’s the fact that she has to GET a shot, you know what I mean?

  2. Uh oh, that sounds like an awful lot of crappy stuff all within two days?! Hope the kids get the memo and give you a break this afternoon and evening. And that you somehow find a way to deal with Luca’s tooth asap.
    And yay for Claire! She can be so proud of herself, and you and Matt can be proud of her, too, of course!

  3. I’ll be thinking of you guys, while I’m sitting around my parents’ pool in Florida, this week. Maybe I can email you some of the “quiet.”

  4. Laynie needed extensive work done at 3 years old. In spite of fluoride, constant brushing & all the other things you’re supposed to do. We went to a guy in Moon Twp somewhere & they sedated her without intubating her & got it done. Worst part was, sadly, finding an IV. It was horrific as a mother, but she’s ok at the dentist still, better than me & now she has no qualms about the lidocaine shots.
    Sorry for your bad week.

  5. I never knew that I got a shot with my cavities as a kid. They gave me these numbing sticks first and I thought that was it. So maybe she doesn’t even have to know about the shot. But that really sucks about Luca. I hope you all get your chompers back in working order soon.

    And really, Audrey has so many people staring at her all the time, so she must think she needs them all, all the time. At least Mae is good, right? And that’s an improvement!

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