The Kindness of Strangers

What a nightmare Children’s Hospital dental services are to get ahold of. Seriously.

After freaking out over what he needs to get done and the uncertainty of it all, I tried to get an appointment for him at the Children’s Hospital clinic.

Yah, right.

I got a recording. You leave a message and they say they’ll get back to you within 72 hours. I did as I was told and waited.

Today I called the dentist that was recommended to me by Dr. Griffin. The receptionist was fantastic. So kind. She confirmed to me what I had already figured – Luca was too young, and too small to be anesthetized at an office location and would have to have it done at the hospital.

“But,” I said, “I can’t get ahold of a human being.” Then I nearly started to cry.

Kathy, the receptionist, then told me that’s the way they usually are. She told me to call them again, leave a message, again, and say he’s only 3, and in pain. She said she’d call and do the same for me.

This, for the record, is a woman I’ve never met – and Luca isn’t even their patient.

So I called, and left a message saying, “Hello. I’m calling again because my son, Luca, is only 3 and has an abscess above his top tooth, it’s loose and his dentist said he has to have it surgically removed. Please. Please call me back,” again near tears.

About 30 minutes later, Kathy called me back and said she hadn’t heard anything, but she did leave a message about it. She then said she talked to the dentist she works for and he recommended we go to the ER tomorrow if we don’t hear from them today, because then they’d be forced to put us on the schedule. Then she asked that I call her back regardless to let her know what the turnout was and was so gentle and kind in her words.

A few hours later (when there’s a usual 72 hour wait) Children’s hospital called me to schedule an appointment.

Luca gets seen on Monday at 8 AM.

I called Kathy back and thanked her profusely. She told me she didn’t do much, but I told her she did everything. She kept me calm, offered to help a stranger – someone whose son isn’t even a patient – and clearly pushed them to call me back sooner.

It was everything.

On this terrible week that I’ve had, it was everything.


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  1. I am so so so glad you had such a positive experience after all the hard stuff that happened this week! Isn’t it amazing what some kindness can do to the soul? Makes me want to be kind all the time – or at least more often!

  2. Wow, health care is so awful sometimes! Glad you found a helper in the midst of all that!

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