Good Things

Alright, people. That was a really crappy week.

That is, until I decided yesterday that I was going to make Thursday my bitch.

And make it my bitch, I did.

1. Yesterday my MIL insisted on watching the kids so I could run the Pittsburgh Half Marathon with Matt. So I hunted down a bib and now Sunday I’ll be running 13.1 miles. No biggie.

2. I finished up making one of the privacy screens after I went to Lowes with all the kids (with no tantrums!) and bought myself a circular saw.

Seriously, people, I’m creating myself quite the power tool arsenal. Go big or go home, I say.

There will be another privacy screen next to this one, and a third adjacent. It will create a small amount of privacy from the street, but most importantly, it will keep the kids from flinging themselves over the edge.

privacy3. I stepped on the scale and realized that I was finally starting to see some progress in the postpartum weight loss department. It’s annoying when you work and work and see nothing. But then – even more than my weight, I finally looked in the mirror.


What a difference it makes when you finally see what’s actually in front of you, and I saw awesome progress. Nine weeks postpartum and I feel fantastic.

4. For the past few months I’ve been helping one of the gym members on her quest to become an RPM instructor. Yesterday she brought me cookies. I can’t remember the last time someone baked for me.

5. Sometimes it’s the little things. After teaching RPM yesterday, two of the members helped me corral all the kids to the car, and even carried some of my gym gear for me. While I’m perfectly capable of doing that on my own, it was so nice to have help, all without asking. Just because they wanted to.

Today, the good continued on. One of my friends, originally my mom’s friend, but she’s my friend, now, too, (wow that’s a lot of commas) made Claire a running tutu and cape for her big race tomorrow.

clairetutuAgain, I didn’t ask, she just did it because she wanted to. Kindness is everywhere, I tell you.

6. AAAAAND Claire’s new glasses came today!

claireglassesThe sun is shining, the kids helped me wash the car and now I’m awaiting a burrito from Mad Mex because my mom offered to bring me one.


This week is turning around, I’d say. Race weekend!


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  1. Woohooo! That sounds great. Yay for you for running that half marathon, you crazy woman! (Nine weeks postpartum, wow!) And I can’t wait to hear about Claire’s experience, too. (That cape and tutu looks awesome, by the way, and Claire’s grin is still so contagious!)
    Hope the kindness all around you continues…

  2. I love Mad Mex!!!! The weather is going to be fabulous for the race! And guess where I am this evening….Monroeville! It was a quick trip to see the son. You are reaping what you sow! I hope Claire has a fabulous run also!!!!

  3. So impressed by your woodworking skills! Yum, burrito!

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